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With SHOPLINE Live tools, you can create your unique personalized livestream (weblink format), or connect to Facebook Live. This will increase your interaction with fans and expand product exposure. SHOPLINE Live provides a full livestream shopping experience, your fans can shop as they watch and keep the orders rolling in!

This article will cover the following:


1. Prepare and create a livestream

Step 1. Go to SHOPLINE Live page

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live], and click the Create live stream button.



Step 2. Choose a livestream channel

Select SHOPLINE as the livestream channel.



Step 3. Basic settings

A. The livestream details

  • Stream name (Required): You can fill in the livestream event's name. This name will be shown to customers.
  • Streamer: This is a note to yourself. You can decide whether to fill it in or not.
  • Description: You can describe and introduce what this livestream is about. This will be visible to customers.

B. Scheduled livestream time

You can schedule the livestream ahead of time. Once the livestream starts, the scheduled time will be updated to the actual livestream time.

C. Sync to other channel(s) after the livestream has started

  • To sync your livestream to Facebook, you have to connect your Facebook Page in the Admin. Please refer to this article for more details on connecting your Facebook Page to your store.
  • If you wish to connect your store to two or more Facebook Pages, you need to establish a crossposting relationship between your Pages. Please refer to this article for more information on crossposting on Facebook.

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Step 4. Advanced settings

You can enable the Lock Inventory feature and set a lock inventory period to reserve items for your customers. Please refer to this article for more details on Lock Inventory. 

If your livestream is synced to other channels, you will also need to complete the "Keyword setting" and "Messenger settings" before you click Create.



Step 5. Add live products

Once you enter the livestream backstage, you can add products that you wish to sell by clicking Add live products on the left. You can add new products by selecting Create Product or add existing products by selecting Select Product. Up to 500 main products can be added to a livestream.

*Note: When a customer is watching the livestream, they will not be able to see the following types of products:

  • Unpublished products.
  • Products with no or hidden prices.



A. Create Product

Add your custom products to the livestream. Fill in the required fields (product name, keywords, price, and quantity) and optional fields (product image, product SKU, and product variants).



B. Select Product

Add existing products to your livestream.


  • Products whose Available Quantity is 0 will also appear in the window and can also be added to the livestream. 
  • Products that are unpublished or with hidden prices will also appear in the window, but cannot be added to the livestream. 
  • Products will be displayed in reverse chronological order based on the time they are added to the livestream, from the newest to the oldest. Products that are added first will be at the bottom of the list. 



Step 6. View products added to the livestream

You can view products added to the livestream and their respective available quantities and reserved inventory.

You can also click on the "three-dot" button on the right to set livestream-exclusive prices, edit products, or remove them from the livestream.



You have now successfully created a livestream, and the status of the livestream will appear as "Preparing".

Click the ___2021-05-19___4.38.19.png icon on the right to copy the livestream link and share it via different marketing channels.



Click on the "gear" icon at the bottom left corner to modify the livestream settings.



You can customize the livestream and message settings.



To delete an ended livestream, go to SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live]. On the right side of the livestream, click the drop-down menu and select Delete Livestream.

*Note: Once deleted, the livestream cannot be restored, and the link shared previously will be invalid.



2. How to start a livestream

*The following screenshots show an example of "Livestreaming via SHOPLINE Live while syncing to a Facebook Page".

Step 1. Download the SHOPLINE Admin app

To start a SHOPLINE Live, you need to download and start it from the SHOPLINE Admin app. First, scan the QR Code to download and install it.

*Note: To assure livestream quality, livestreaming via SHOPLINE Live is only available on mobile devices.



Step 2. Open the app

Please type in your shop email and password to log in. All shop admins can log in and start a livestream.

*Note: You cannot reset your password in the app. Please go to the SHOPLINE Admin page and reset the password if needed.



Step 3. Start livestreaming

Login to your app, tap Shop in the bottom right and select Live. You will see the list of livestreams that are in the "preparing" status.

1. Choose the livestream you just created.



2. Check and confirm the list of products in the livestream.

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 3. Click Start live.

*Please check that your wifi or data is properly connected and stable before you go on a livestream.



During the livestream, the livestreamer and assistants can do the following in the SHOPLINE Live backstage:

  • Add or remove products.
  • Click the "speaker" icon to promote products.
  • Pin product info to the livestream (available only for streaming via SHOPLINE Live and is not synced to the Facebook Page).
  • Reply to comments in the livestream.
  • View the current livestream feed.
  • View current livestream performance.




Step 4. End the livestream

After you tap X on the top left corner of your app, a pop-up will ask you to confirm whether you want to end the livestream. Click End to confirm.

After the livestream has ended, the system will provide you with real-time performance data.

*Note: Performance stats will continue to update after the livestream ends, so the fresh data might change before it is finalized. If there are orders placed after the livestream has ended, they will still count towards the performance stats and the finalized performance details can be viewed in the SHOPLINE Admin.

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For more details on SHOPLINE Live interface and checkout process, please refer to SHOPLINE Live | Livestream interface and performance.





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