KOL Group Buying|Module Introduction

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Bring more customers with the assistance of the popularity of KOLs. Create buzz for your brand, and drive orders in a short amount of time!
The KOL Group Buying module includes the following features (not supporting the Retail POS system):

  • Hidden product & hidden product show page
    You can enable the "Hidden Product" feature for published products. Once enabled, these products will not be displayed in your store. 
    To create a hidden show page, add multiple hidden products to an advanced page. Then, share the link with specific customers, and only those with the link can browse and purchase the products.

  • Unlimited express checkout pages
    Present complete product descriptions on a single page, allowing customers to immediately place orders and quickly complete the checkout process. Express checkout page is suitable for showcasing product highlights and advantages, while also guiding customers to place orders quickly, effectively increasing the conversion rates.

  • Affiliate Performance Center for KOL
    Partners such as KOLs, internet celebrities, or group-buying leaders can directly view the performances and details of affiliate campaigns in the "Affiliate Performance Center," where all campaign and affiliate commissions are clearly listed, enhancing trust and collaboration between merchants and partners.

  • Affiliate Campaign
    The "Affiliate Campaign" feature generates exclusive affiliate codes for KOLs and sets up commission types. When fans place orders using their affiliate codes, the system automatically records the commissions generated, allowing merchants to easily view the effectiveness of the campaign performances.
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