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SHOPLINE's released "Affiliate Performance Center" for KOL feature provides a platform for KOL partners to view reports with clear, detailed, and transparent information on the progress of a campaign and affiliate commission. 

This allows affiliates to get a clearer understanding of the effect and outcomes of ongoing campaigns.

This article will cover the following: 


1. Step-by-step setup 

Step 1. Check your plan

In the upper right corner of SHOPLINE Admin, go to ["Hello, OOO"] > ["My Subscription & Billing"] to view your store's plans and modules.

  1. Under the Paid Subscription, there are Plans and Modules. Please check if your store has the "Promotion" module. If you have this module, the feature will be directly enabled.  checkplan1.png
  2. If you are using the Basic, Advanced, Premium, O2O, Enterprise, or Cross Border plan (as shown below). Please confirm whether your store is using the Premium, O2O, or Enterprise plan.checkplan2.png
  3. If you have one of these plans, please install the "Affiliate Performance Center" App for KOL in SHOPLINE Admin by going to [Apps] > [Apps Store] in order to continue with the setup.


2. Inviting and enrolling KOL partners in campaigns

Step 1. Send an invitation to KOL partner

In SHOPLINE Admin go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Affiliate Campaign]. In the [KOL Partner] column for a campaign click [Invite].

Please note: For more information on how to set up an Affiliate Campaign, please see Affiliate Campaign (FAQ).



Step 2. Email/copy invite link

After clicking [Invite], enter the KOL's email address into the relevant field in the following window, or click [Copy] to copy the link and send it via a different channel.   



Step 3. Ask KOL to register & login to the Affiliate Campaign platform

1. If using email, the KOL partner should click on Enroll Here in the email invite.

2. Ask the KOL partner to register a username and password. If later you invite the same KOL partner to take part in a different campaign, they can use the same username and password to log in to the platform and view all of the campaigns they are currently enrolled in. 

Note: Passwords must be 8–20 characters in length, and must include a mixture of uppercase and lowercase characters, and a number. 



3. After a KOL partner has registered, the window below will appear asking them to verify their account via email. 



4. To complete the registration, a KOL partner needs to click on [Verify my account] in the verification email, after which they will be taken directly to the KOL platform. 



3. Checking reports on the KOL platform 

A. Check all promotional campaigns 

1. If a KOL partner is already registered and verified,  merchants can click directly on KOL Partner Platform to copy a link to the platform that they can then send to the KOL partner.



2. After a KOL partner has logged in to the KOL Partner Platform, they will see a full list of all the campaigns they are enrolled in, split between the "Ongoing" and "Expired" tabs.  A KOL partner can click on the graph icon on the right-hand side of a list entry to view detailed reports for specific campaigns. 



B. Checking report details 

1. Affiliate campaign overview

On the page for a particular campaign, you will be able to a full list of orders made using an affiliate code, including details such as order number, order status, payment status, net sales, and affiliate commission.

Affiliate Commission
If you set up "Commission for selected products" and the commission type by "Percentage," you will find the "Product Net Sales" column in the usage record.


If you set up "Commission for selected products" and the commission type as "Flat Amount," you will find the "Selected Product Quantity" column in the usage record.



2. Campaign Information

In the "Campaign Information" section, you can check the status of a campaign (ongoing/expired), start/end date, commission condition, commission, and the commission currency.


  • If the campaign commission is set up as a fixed amount per sale, then regardless of the order status or payment status the [Affiliate Commission] field will display the fixed amount. The final commission amount will be calculated according to the "Net Sales" total.
  • Net Sales = Subtotal - Discount - Applied credits - Point Redeem to Cash, excluding the delivery fee, payment fee, and taxes.


3. Feature button

On the right-hand side of the page, KOL partners on the share icon located on the left to copy a campaign link for use by customers. 

Clicking on the affiliate commission rules icon in the center will open a window with the campaign's commission rules, and the download icon on the far right will download a campaign report. 


C. KOLs enrolled in campaigns with multiple stores 

KOL partners that enrolled in campaigns with multiple stores will be able to tell which store they are looking at on the KOL platform from the store logo displayed at the top of the window (see below). 




4. Notes 

  1. Once a KOL is enrolled in a specific campaign, this cannot be altered. Before inviting a KOL to enroll in a campaign, please ensure you send the enrollment link to the correct email address/person. 
  2. KOL partners must log in to the KOL platform to view reports. 
  3. If an order is edited by a merchant after it has been made, the affiliate commission amount will also be updated. 
  4. If a merchant splits an order after it has been created, the affiliate commission amount will also be updated and will be calculated according to the parent order. 


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