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  • This feature currently does not support merchants that only use the Retail POS plan. 
  • SHOPLINE Admin App currently is not available on iPad and other tablet devices.

Through the SHOPLINE Live livestream ordering tool, you can create your own independent livestream (web-based link) or synchronize your livestream on Facebook. With the tool, you can interact with fans efficiently, increasing product exposure while offering a smooth livestream shopping experience. You can stream anytime, anywhere through the super convenient SHOPLINE Admin App.

In this article, you'll learn how to


1. Create the set up a livestream on SHOPLINE Admin App

Step 1. Create a livestream

Go to Shop on the SHOPLINE Admin App. Tap Live to enter the list of livestreams.



You will see the livestreams in the "Preparing" status on the Live page. Tap Create livestream to create a new one.

*Note: Currently, "Ended" livestreams are not shown on the list.



Step 2. Set the title and channel

Fill in the information about the livestream.


  • Livestream Name (required): You can enter the event name of this livestream, which will be displayed to customers after the stream begins.
  • Sync to other channel(s): You can choose to sync live to your connected Facebook Pages. You can connect to more than one Page to share your livestream. If you leave this field blank, you will only livestream on SHOPLINE Live.

After completing the settings, tap Next to make other settings.



Step 3. Advanced settings

You can adjust advanced settings such as "Keyword setting", "Lock Inventory", and "Send checkout reminder."


  • Keyword setting: You can choose the following three order rules.
    • The comment contains "keyword" or "keyword + quantity" (e.g.: I want A1, I want A1+1)
    • The comment contains "keyword + quantity" (e.g.: I want A1+1)
    • Comment only "Keyword" or "Keyword + Quantity" (e.g.: A1, A1+1)
  • Lock Inventory: Adjust the specified date for product reservation. The default setting is 7 days after the current time.
  • Send checkout reminders: Adjust the date to send checkout reminders. The default setting is 7 days after the current time.

After completing the settings, tap Create to continue with other settings.


  • The "Send checkout reminder" currently only supports the livestream synchronized to SHOPLINE Live and Facebook Live.
  • SHOPLINE Live currently does not support ordering with keywords. If you only stream with SHOPLINE Live, product keywords will not appear for the livestream products; customers can only add products to the shopping cart manually.



Step 4. Add products

Tap Add products to enter the product selection page.



On the "Select Product" page, you can search for products through the search bar above or simply check the products you want to add. Tap Select to move on to the "Confirm Keyword" page.



The system will automatically generate the product keywords for this livestream. Tap the Confirm to add to jump to the "Livestream Product" page. The product you want to add will appear on the list.



Tap the three-dot button on the right side of the product to remove the product. Tap Add at the top right to continue adding products.



  • Only 50 items can be selected at a time, with an upper limit of 500 items.
  • Only existing products can be added. Currently, creating new products is not supported on the “Add Product” page. 
  • Product keywords are automatically generated. Editing keywords is currently not supported.
  • You can add products during the livestream.
    IMG_1602.jpg IMG_1593.jpg

Step 5. Adjust the connection to the Facebook Page

*Note: Please skip this step if you only link the livestream to SHOPLINE Live.

Tap Sync live to Facebook Page to select the Facebook Page to be synchronized with.



Select the Page(s) to synchronize. After selecting, tap Confirm at the top right to continue.

*Note: At least one Page must be selected, and you cannot unlink all Pages. If you only want to stream on SHOPLINE Live only, please exit and create a new livestream.



Step 6. Use the livestream toolbar

You can use the toolbar to configure your livestream. For more details on the livestream tools, please refer to the following article.


2. Start the livestream

Tap Start live to start the livestream.



A. Streamer interface

You can comment on the livestream, adjust the livestream with the tools, and use the product recommendation feature at the bottom right.



1. Comment

Tap the dialog icon to open the message field. Select ALL to send a message to all channels; select the SHOPLINE icon to send a message to the audience on SHOPLINE Live; select the Facebook icon to send a message to the audience on Facebook Live.



2. Toolbar

Tap the tool icon to open the toolbar. You can adjust the "Beauty," "Font Size," "Marquee," "Announcement," "Product Info," "Resolution," "Share," and "Setting" features. For details, please refer to this article. For the "Font Size" feature, you can refer to the section below.



Click the Font Size icon to customize the font size of the comment section.


3. Flip

Tap the Flip icon to switch between the front and rear camera. You can also flip the camera during the livestream.


4. Recommend products

Tap on the product image at the bottom right to enter the "Livestream Product" page. Tap the blue "speaker" icon on the right to recommend the product to the audience. The audience will see the recommendation message in the comment section.



B. Store assistant interface

When the livestream is live, the store assistant can enter the livestream through SHOPLINE Admin App with another device.



Store assistants have access to the following:

  • Leave a comment

  • Edit/Add/Delete marquee
  • Edit/Add/Delete announcement
  • Edit/Add/Delete product info
  • Share
  • View/Edit livestream setting
    IMG_0006.PNG IMG_0008.PNG

  • Add products
  • Recommend products
  • Pin products

Store assistants do not have access to the following:

  • Edit font size
  • End livestream


3. End the livestream

To end the livestream, tap on the icon at the top right. Tap End to confirm ending the current livestream.




After ending the livestream, the app will show the performance data, including cumulative views, created carts, etc.

*Note: Currently, the SHOPLINE Admin App does not support the query of the livestream content that has ended. You will not be able to view the performance data after closing the "Livestream performance" page. Please go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live] in the store Admin to enter the livestream you want to review.




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