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SHOPLINE has launched the "Keyword Autoreply" feature. When a customer sends a message containing a specific keyword, the system will automatically respond with your custom message. 

The article will cover the following: 


1. Create a "Content Library"

Step 1

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [Message Center], click the gear icon on the bottom left, then click Content library.



Step 2

Click the Create content button. 



Step 3

Enter a content name.

*Note: This name is for internal management only. 



Step 4

Check for the applicable channels, categorized as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LINE, and WhatsApp. 



Step 5 

You can customize the message content for different channels. 

*Note: Click the dynamic text below to apply to the editing field. 



Step 6

You can also add a button in the message content. 

*Note: Currently only supports creating up to 3 buttons. 


Insert button text, you can insert the following into the button: 

  • Jump URL: Add an URL address; the customer can open the link by clicking on the button. 

  • Autoreply: Add another message content to the Content Library, so when the customer clicks the button, another response will be automatically replied to the customer. 


Step 7

Once you have completed the settings above, you can preview on the right to confirm and click Save to save your settings. 



2. Create "Keyword Autoreply"

Step 1

In the Message Center, click [Smart assistant] > [Keyword autoreply], then click the Create reply button. 



Step 2 

Click Add keyword phrases



Step 3

Enter the keyword. 


The customer message is required to contain at least one complete keyword phrase for the system to autoreply. 

For example, in the following image,

  • If the customer message contains "how long to ship", the system will autoreply. 
  • If the customer message contains "when is" or "time of shipping", the system will not autoreply. 



Click Add keyword phrase to add another keyword phrase. 




  • One autoreply supports a maximum of 10 keyword phrases. 
  • Every keyword phrase supports up to a maximum of 10 keywords. 
  • Every keyword requires at least 2 characters with no more than 50 characters. 
  • Special characters including ? , ! @ $ * are not supported.
  • Does not support 1 "Keyword autoreply" containing 2 sets of the same keyword phrases. Screen_Shot_2022-09-16_at_5.38.33_PM.png
  • Does not supports 2 "Keyword Autoreply" containing the same keyword phrases. 
    For example: If Keyword Autoreply A contains "delivery time", then Keyword Autoreply B cannot contain "delivery time". 


Step 4

Select your reply content. Click the drop-down menu to select a reply from the content library




If you have not created a content library or do not have a suitable reply content, you can click the Create reply button on the right to directly open the "Content Library" interface and create a reply. 



Step 5

Once the settings above are complete, you can preview on the right to confirm the content and click Save to save your settings. 

*Note: The preview on the right currently only supports displaying your first keyword for reference only. 



Step 6

In the "Keyword autoreply" list, you can enable, edit and delete each response individually.



You can also set the effective time range of the keyword auto-replies: 

  • Always on
  • On during specified range: Select a time range that you set in your [Message Center Settings] > [Smart assistant] > [Set effective time range].  
  • Always off



3. Message sent by customer

When the customer sends a message containing a keyword phrase, and the "Keyword Autoreply" is enabled, the system will reply with the corresponding message to the keyword. 



4. Notes

  • Currently only supports Taiwan and Hong Kong merchants for this feature. 
  • If you have set up a Chatbox Store, when the customer sends a message containing specific keywords, the response will still correspond to the message. For more information regarding the Chatbox Store, please refer to this article


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