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SHOPLINE releases a "Content Library" feature which allows you to select the reply content from the content library when creating "Keyword Autoreply" or "Auto-Reply to Similar Questions." If customers' messages contain specific keywords or are similar to the specified questions, the system will automatically reply with the content you set up.

This article will cover the following:


1. Create a content library

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [Message Center]. Select [Smart Assistant] > [Chatbot] and click the Manage content library button.



Step 2

Click Create content.



Step 3

Enter the content name.

*Note: The name is for internal management only.



Step 4

Enable the applicable channel such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LINE, and WhatsApp.



Step 5

You can customize different message content for each social channel.

*Note: Each social channel will support sending up to 3 messages at once. The system will send the message according to the order you add the message. However, there is a chance for the actual sending order to vary.

There are 4 types of messages:

1. Text messages

  • Enter the text messages.
  • You can insert dynamic text into the message content.
  • You can add up to 3 buttons. Enter the button name and set up the button functions:
    • Jump URL: Enter an URL and it will open up the URL page once clicked.
    • Autoreply: Insert another reply content from the content library. The system will autoreply with the content once clicked. (You should have previously created the content to select it from the content library.)



2. Image messages (currently only applicable to Facebook Messenger)

  • Please upload one image (less than 5 MB).
  • You can add a button for the image message.



3. Card messages (currently only applicable to Facebook Messenger)

  • Please enter the title (up to 80 characters).
  • Please fill in at least one subtitle/ image/ button.
  • It is recommended to upload images with a 1.91:1 ratio for the best display. Otherwise, the image will be compressed and cropped.
  • Click the "+" icon. You can add up to 10 images as a slidable card message.



4. Product messages (currently only applicable to Facebook Messenger)

  • Please select a product (you can select up to 10 products except for the unpublished, no inventory, and products with hidden prices).
  • Click the "+" icon to add products to the slidable banner.
  • Currently does not support customizing the product information.
  • The product message will show the product image, name, and price. When customers click on "Go shopping," it will direct them to the product detail page in the storefront.



Step 6

Once the above settings are complete, click Save.



2. Application

When creating "Keyword Autoreply" or "Auto-Reply to Similar Questions," you can select the reply content from the content library.



If customers send a text message with relevant keywords such as "Food recommendation," the system will autoreply with the reply you set up.




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