[Coming Soon] Multi-Attribute Products Order Checkout

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*Note: This feature is available to Taiwan / Hong Kong stores.

The "Multi-Attribute Product Order Checkout" feature is launched in response to the diverse product types and to optimize customer checkout experience and online store performance. You can allow customers to purchase products with different temperature zones, materials, and inventory conditions without logistic limitations. They can check out the products in an order at one time. 

This article will cover the following:


1. Set up multiple product attributes for checkout

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Checkout Settings]. Switch on the toggle for "Multiple Product Attributes for Checkout" to use the feature.



Step 2

The pop-up window will show you the remarks on enabling this feature. Click Confirm after reading it carefully.

*Notes: After switching on the feature toggle,

1. Before enabling the feature, 
he system defaults to "Non Cash on Delivery" for custom delivery methods.
After the feature is enabled, you can select to provide cash-on-delivery method
when adding a custom delivery method.


2. The cash on delivery method needs to
reset the discount application rules,
and the system defaults not to apply to any discounts.
  • You cannot set delivery methods for promotions and bundle promotions. All delivery methods will be applicable.
  • Cancellation and combining orders by customers are not supported.
  • The lock inventory feature for livestreams and post sales is not supported.



Step 3

Enter the product attributes and the attribute names in different languages. Click Update to save the settings.


  1. The first product attribute is the system default category. All products with no attribute are set to fall into this category.
  2. Please fill in at least 2 product attribute names, and the length of the name is limited to 30 characters.
  3. If the product attribute name is left blank, it will appear as "(unnamed)" when setting individual product attributes
    Please refer to [Coming Soon] Set Up Product Attributes to learn more about setting up attributes for an individual product.



2. The checkout page of a multi-attribute product order

Step 1

After switching on this feature, products with different attributes will be split into different carts on the shopping cart page. Customers can check out products of all product attributes at one time.


Each product attribute will generate a sub-order; all sub-orders belong to the same cart number. Since you can set up to five attributes, a cart number can contain at most five sub-orders.
Please refer to [Coming Soon] Cart Number to learn more about order details of multiple product attributes.



Step 2

A shipping fee will be incurred for a product attribute. Customers can select different shipping methods for each product attribute, while only one payment type can be selected for the whole order. After selecting the payment and shipping methods, click Next to checkout.


  1. Please make sure to exclude any inapplicable delivery and payment methods in advance for products with special delivery and payment requirements.
  2. If your online store has not activated any cash-on-delivery shipping method, the payment type will not be displayed here.
  3. The system selects the "Non Cash on Delivery" payment type by default.



Step 3

If the customer selects home delivery for all products, the name of the delivery method for all product attributes will be shown under "Selected delivery method." The customer is required to fill in the destination address once.



If the customer selects delivery methods besides home delivery, the system will show the names of the delivery methods and the information required according to the hierarchical order of the product attributes you set. Click Next after filling in all the information. 



Step 4

After entering the delivery information in Step 3, the system will calculate the shipping fee individually for each product attribute. Please select the payment method and apply any discount here, and click Proceed to Checkout.


  1. The store credit and member points assigned from the multi-attribute orders are sent based on the amount of the entire cart. The calculation formula is subtotal - discount - custom discount - applied store credits - redeemed points. Store credits and member points are assigned when all sub-orders with the same cart number are completed or cancelled. For example, store credits or member points will be assigned to the customer when 2 out of 3 sub-orders are completed; the last order has been cancelled. The same case applies when 4 out of 4 orders have been completed.
  2. If you want to know about store credits and member points, please refer to [Coming Soon] Discount Allocation for Sub-Orders | Multiple Product Attributes for Checkout
  3. To set exclusive discounts for different product attributes, please refer to [Coming Soon] Promotion Event Demo | Multiple Product Attributes for Checkout.
  4. Please refer to this article to learn more about discount allocations. 
  5. The minimum checkout amount of a non-cash-on-delivery order is based on the total amount of the entire order; i.e., the sum of all sub-orders under the same shopping cart number. For cash-on-delivery orders, the minimum checkout amount is based on the amount of the sub-order. EN8.png


Step 5

Fill in the customer information, delivery details and other information. The customer can also select whether to save the address of each sub-order on this page. Click Place Order after completion.





Step 6

After completing the checkout, the customer can view all sub-order details from the respective product attributes.

*Note: One sub-order will send an order completed notification email, and so on.



3. Notes

  • This feature currently does not support the following shipping methods:
    • 7-11 / FamilyMart pickup (non-integrated)
    • 7-11 cross border
    • Alfred Smart Locker
    • YTO Express cross-border 
    • Tcat home delivery to 7-11 store pickup
    • Buy Online, Pick Up In-store



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