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SHOPLINE's Express Cart feature allows merchants to generate a link that redirects customers directly to a checkout page containing a set group of items. Merchants can then directly share this link with customers via different promotional channels. Examples of where to add an Express Cart link include embedding in an EDM, Chatbot message, posting in a member group, etc. 


This article will cover the following: 


1. Step-by-step setup 

Check your plan 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Hello, OOO] > [My Subscription & Billing] to see details of your current plan and modules. 

  1. There are Plans and Modules under the "Paid Subscription". Please first check if your store is using the e-Commerce, or Social Commerce plan. If so, please skip to 2. Express Cart URL creation in SHOPLINE Admin

  2. If you are using the Basic, Advanced, Premium, O2O, or Enterprise plan (as shown below). Please confirm whether your store is using the Premium, O2O, or Enterprise plan. If you have one of these plans, in SHOPLINE Admin go to [Apps] > [Apps Store] and install the feature.  9.png


2. Express Cart URL creation in SHOPLINE Admin

Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Express Cart].



Step 2

Click Add Product and select the product(s) you want to include in the Express Cart link. 
*Please note: You can only add one of each product to the Express Cart link. However, customers can change the product quantity themselves on the cart page. 


If a product has no variants you can add it directly to the cart. If the product has variants, select which variant you want to add to the cart using the drop-down menu. 



You can remove products from the cart by clicking the trash icon on the right-hand side. 



Step 3

Click on the Choose campaign dropdown menu to choose an Affiliate Campaign to include in the link (this field is optional). 



Step 4

After clicking Generate & Copy URL, a green confirmation popup will appear at the top right of the window. This shows that the URL has been successfully copied to your clipboard. You can now paste it directly into the channel of your choice. 

*[Generate & Copy URL] doesn't support iPhone, please use other devices.



Customers that click on an Express Cart link will be taken directly to your store's checkout page. The products added during the setup will already be in the cart. On this page, customers can modify the quantity of cart items, as well as delete them. 



3. User display 

Express cart links sent via social media platforms, KOL, Retail Store staff, etc.  

You can paste your Express Cart link into social media channels such as LINE, Facebook Pages, and more, or include it in messages sent through Chatbot Store. Below is an example of an Express Cart link included as part of a LINE promotional send-out.  


4. Notes 

  1. The price, content, unpublished or out-of-stock status of a product will reflect the status of the product at the time a customer clicks on an Express Cart link. 
  2. After entering the cart page, if the customer has another cart page with items in it opened in a different window in the same browser, these will also be included in the cart page the customer lands on after clicking the Express Cart link, and will not be removed. 
  3. After entering the cart page, if the customer has another cart page with items in it opened in a different window in the same browser and one of the items already in the cart is the same as one of the products included in the Express Cart link, then the quantity for this item in the cart will be increased by 1. Customers can modify the quantity if they so wish.  
  4. If a customer clicks the Express Cart link again after entering the cart page then the quantity of each product will be increased. 
  5. If a customer has an Express Cart link opened and then opens a different Express Cart link in the same browser, then the products from this cart will be added to the already opened cart. The cart will apply any promotional codes from the link opened most recently. 
  6. If you create a URL for multiple products with variants and see a prompt message "Something incorrect", please go to the Settings tab of the product ([Products & Categories] > [Products]) and check if the purchase limit is smaller than the product quantity you added. 





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