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Merchants that receive customer requests from offline and third-party channels (e.g., phone or Zalo) can now create an order manually using SHOPLINE's Manual Order feature.

With this feature, you can send out order confirmation links for payment via WhatsApp or email. Alternatively, merchants can copy and paste the order confirmation link to send it using the channel of their choice.

In SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce], there are also other social commerce features such as SHOPLINE Live, Message Center, and Chatbot. For more information on SHOPLINE's Social Commerce features, please refer to: Social Commerce - Convert your followers.

This article will cover the following: 



You will not be able to create a manual order if:

  1. The customer's address is not served by the selected delivery option. For more information on what delivery options are available for which countries/regions, please refer to this chart.
  2. The selected product is sold out.
  3. The required content is not filled in completely.
  4. The discount amount for the selected product(s) exceeds the total price of the product.
  5. If you want to send an order confirmation link via a WhatsApp message and you are using an iOS device, you must first add the customer as a WhatsApp contact in order to successfully create a manual order. 


1. How to create a manual order 

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [Manual Order].



Step 1. Enter the customer's information

A. For new customers, enter the customer's phone number, name, and email address. 
*Note: If you have switched on the "Send this SMS" toggle at [Custom Notification] > [Member Account Setup Notification], customers will receive an SMS notification on member account setup once you create a new member in manual order. For more information, please refer to the following article.


B. For existing customers, you can search for them by phone number and find them in the dropdown menu. 


C. If an email or phone number that is already in use is entered and you do not then select the associated existing customer, you will be prompted to either enter a new phone/email or merge the entered information with the existing customer profile.


  • Please pay attention to letter casing when entering a customer's information. 
  • Enter an email address or phone number to create a new customer profile. 


Step 2. Add products to the cart 

A. Add an existing product

Click Select Product to view all products in the store, and select the "cart" icon to add the product to the shopping cart.


  • Enter a product's name into the search bar to find products quickly. 
  • If a product has multiple variations, you can click on the dropdown menu to view and select specific variants.
  • If the Available Quantity for a product is 0, it can’t be added to the cart.
    If you have enabled the “Preorder” feature and set a preorder quantity limit for the product, the Available Quantity would be your current inventory and pre-order limit combined together. Please refer to this article for more information on the preorder feature.

In addition to products, you can also add gifts to a customer's cart using the Select Gift tab. 


B. Create a custom product

Click on Custom Product and enter the custom product's name, picture, price, and quantity. You can also decide whether or not to display the product in the online store. Once you have completed the setup, click Add to Cart.


[Coming Soon] Display Product sorting and SKU

Once the products are successfully added, the product sorting and SKU will display. If you have added gifts, the product and gifts sorting will display separately. 

*Note: If you wish to display this information, please contact SHOPLINE’s Online Merchant Success Team. 



Step 3. Enter delivery and payment details 

Select a payment option from the dropdown menu. In the "Recipient Info" field, either choose an address that a customer has previously registered or enter a new delivery address. 

*Note: A customer's address may be invalid due to changes to the address format. If an error message appears, please update the customer's address using the correct format. 


Store pick-up delivery method

For more details on store pick-up, please refer to Store Pick-up - Customized Store Information and Buy Online, Pick Up In-store.


  • Please fill in the recipient information after selecting the pick-up store. This information is for one-time use only and will not be saved into the system.
  • When using the "Buy online, pick up in-store" delivery method (with the retail store and warehouse already set up), if the retail store does not have available inventory, the system will prompt you to select another store.
  • The system will automatically detect the online store's inventory when adding a product. As a result, when the online store's inventory is zero, you won't be able to add the product, even if there's inventory available in the retail store.
  • If the quantity of the added product exceeds the store's "Order Limit," the system will not be able to create the order.
    Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 4.54.27 PM.png


Please see the chart below for the payment and delivery options available for your region:

Country / Region

Payment Option



7-11 C2C COD
7-11 B2C COD
FamilyMart C2C COD
FamilyMart B2C COD
Tcat COD

7-11 C2C
7-11 B2C
FamilyMart  C2C
FamilyMart  B2C
HCT Logistics
7-11 cross-border



SF Express


Ninja Van COD

Ninja Van


Ninja Van COD
Janio COD
Omise Paynow

Ninja Van


Kerry 2D COD
Thailand Flash Standard COD

Kerry 2D
Thailand Flash Standard


Ninja Van COD

Ninja Van


  • The payment services supported by SHOPLINE Payments are mainly based on the services that your store has applied for.
  • Manual Order now supports selecting the SHOPLINE Payments credit card (paid in full) for product subscriptions. Please note: If the payment for the first subscription cycle fails, the credit card will not be bound, and the payment for the subsequent cycle will not be renewed. Please pause the product subscription and create a new product subscription for the customer.

If you are using Bank Transfer as the payment option, select Show underneath Bank Transfer Information, and insert the information needed to complete the transfer (e.g., bank name, recipient name, account number, etc.).

*Note: Only one image file can be uploaded. 


Step 4

Merchants can add custom order labels by entering them into the "Order label" field.


Merchants can also click on Select label to select labels/tags from a list of labels used previously. 


  • Merchants can add a maximum of 10 order labels per order.
  • Newly added order labels will also appear in the "Order Tags" section on the Order Details page in SHOPLINE Admin.



Step 5

Merchants can attach a note to the order by entering it into the "Order Remarks" field. 


  • Customers will be able to see remarks entered into this field. 
  • Remarks are limited to a maximum of 200 characters (including spaces).



Step 6

A. Apply Discounts

The system will automatically apply promotion discounts (E.g., Bundle, Bundle Group, or the Buy X Get Y promotions) to an order that fulfills the promotion scenario set by the store. Merchants can help customers add products that meet the scenario as well.


In the "Add Products" section, it will display the applied promotion.



B. Apply Store Credits

If merchants enable the "Online Store Credits Setting," and customers have available store credits balance, the "apply store credits" will appear under the Order Summary section.

The system will follow the "apply credit conditions" set in the Admin > [Customer Management] > [Store Credits].

  • Apply credit condition: If merchants set the scenario to orders over $1000, a notification message will appear for orders below the set amount.Screen_Shot_2022-08-18_at_5.03.15_PM.png
  • Maximum amount of credits applied: If the maximum amount is set to $50, a prompt message will appear for any exceeding amounts entered.Screen_Shot_2022-08-18_at_5.00.31_PM.png
  • Allow customer to determine applied amount: Only applicable if you have enabled this setting.


C. Tax Details

If merchants have enabled "All Shops need Tax Collection" or some products require additional sale tax, the tax details and calculation method will be shown in the amount details.


If merchants have switched on "All products include tax," the tax included in the payment amount will also be shown.

For detailed instructions on taxes setting, please refer to:


D. Add Discount

You can click Add Discount and input any custom discount amount. Merchants can also change the name of the custom discount. 


Click the Add Discount button again to add another set of custom discounts.

The system currently supports adding up to five sets of custom discounts. When the number of discounts reaches the upper limit, the "Add Discount" button will be grayed out and no discounts can be added.

*Note: If the "Custom Discount" section does not appear, proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Permission & Security]. Click on the Edit button for staff members, and go to the "Message Center" tab. Make sure the "Send Message" and "Adjust total bill in manual order" boxes are checked off. Once you have checked off these boxes, click on Update in the bottom right-hand corner.

E. Apply Discount Coupon

You can click the Coupon code button and enter the coupon code, then click Apply to apply a discount for your customer. 


The system will display a list of the coupon codes currently available for the customer to use, you can select one to apply. 

If some of the created coupon codes do not show up in the coupon code list, it may be for the following reasons: 

  • This coupon code has reached the maximum limit of use.
  • The current order does not meet the minimum requirement for coupon code. 
  • The current order does not contain any products applicable to this coupon code.


Once the coupon code has been successfully applied, the related information will be displayed in the order summary. 



Step 7

Select channel to send link to customers 

After the above is completed, go to the drop-down menu in "Please select channel to send link to customer" to send the link to customers via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or LINE. (Please note that only the channel in which the customer has interacted with the store will be shown in the list.)

Alternatively, if you want to send the order confirmation link by copying the link and sharing it with your customers separately, you may select "None".


After checking all the details are correct, click Create Order.  



  • If the "Create Order" button does not appear, proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Permission & Security] and click the Edit button for staff. Then, go to the "Social Commerce Rights" tab, check the "SC Manual Order" box, and click Update. Screen

  • If you want to send a confirmation link using WhatsApp, a window will open in a new tab with the message sent to your customer, along with a link to open a chat window in WhatsApp.
    *Note: You still need to open a chat with the customer on WhatsApp and send them the order summary manually. WhatsApp will not send the order summary automatically.


Once you have successfully created an order, a confirmation window will appear and you can click View All Orders to view orders. You can also copy the link to send a notification to your customer using another channel. 


To view details of previously created manual orders as well as access a link to the order confirmation, proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [Manual Order] and then click on Order History on the top right. 


In Order History, you can search for an order by date. If you need to copy an order confirmation link in order to resend it to a customer, click on Copy order link next to the order.  


2. How to complete payment & track an order  

1. Send order confirmation link via email and select cash on delivery

If you have sent the order confirmation via email and have chosen Cash on delivery as the payment option, the customer will receive a message as illustrated below. Customers can view details of their order, including tracking an order's status, by clicking on the View Order Details button in the email.



Clicking on View Order Details will bring the customer to the order confirmation page. In addition to order details and recipient and payment information, customers can also see the current status of their order at the top of the page.  


2. Pay by SHOPLINE Payments credit card

When you select SHOPLINE Payments credit card as the payment option, customers will see the Pay now button in their email or message. Enter the card details and click the button to complete the payment. 

*Note: After creating the SHOPLINE Payments credit card link, the customer must complete the payment within the time limit, or the link will expire.

  • If the customer has clicked the Pay Now button, the payment must be completed within 1 hour.
  • If the customer has not clicked the Pay Now button, the payment can be completed within 3 days.


3. Pay by SHOPLINE Payments bank transfer

When you select SHOPLINE Payments bank transfer as the payment option, customers can click the Pay now button and copy the payment details for the transfer. 



4. Pay by bank transfer and upload proof of payment

When you select bank transfer as the payment option, customers can click the Pay now button to view the payment details. Customers are required to upload their proof of payment to complete the order.


How to upload proof of payment for bank transfers

Step 1. Once customers complete bank transfers, click Upload a proof of payment to upload the transfer receipt.



Step 2. Once the proof of payment is uploaded, the payment status will be updated to "Proof of payment uploaded. Pending confirmation from shop owner."



Step 3. Merchants can go to SHOPLINE Admin > [Orders] to confirm whether the customer has completed the payment, and update the order payment status. 



Once the order payment status is updated to "Paid," the order confirmation page will be updated to the latest status.




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