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You can use the "Receipt after Checkout" feature to email, print receipts for customers. 

In this article, you'll find:


1. Receipt after checkout settings

Step 1

In the menu bar on the POS app, tap SettingInvoice



For Merchants in Hong Kong, go to the menu bar on the POS app, and tap SettingReceipt.



Step 2

There are three options for handling receipts after checkout, switch the button to select one of them.

  • Skip - Complete checkout directly
  • Print receipt - Print out receipts right after checkout
  • Email receipt - Send receipt by email after checkout

1. Interface for merchants in Taiwan



If you select Print receipt, you can set up the number of receipts printed.



2. Interface for merchants in Hong Kong:

  • iOS version

  • Android version 


2. Checkout view on POS app

If you select "Email receipt", you will go to the Email receipt page after checkout. 



Enter the customer's email address and tap Send, an email with the receipt attached will be sent to the customer. 

  • Guest customer - Enter email address manually
  • Member customer with registered email - Email address will be auto-filled




  • The system will check the validity of the email address. A reminder text will appear if the email format is incorrect. 
  •  Emailing receipts in offline mode is supported. The system will save the receipt temporarily, and send it out automatically once connected to the network. 


Customer's view of the receipt email EN6.png


SHOPLINE Payments POS Payment Options

*Note: SHOPLINE Payments POS payment options only supports merchants in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Reference for Hong Kong merchants:

If you select SHOPLINE Payments POS payment options as the payment setting during checkout (e.g., credit card, Alipay (HK)), the payment fee you have set will also be displayed on the receipt. For more information on how to set up and checkout with SHOPLINE Payments POS, please refer to the following articles:

Reference for Taiwan merchants:

If you select SHOPLINE Payments POS payment options as the payment setting during checkout, you can pay by credit card (VISA / Master / JCB card) or mobile payment (Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay). Regardless of whether you choose to print, send, or save the receipt during checkout, the payment method will be displayed on the receipt.

For more information on how to set up and checkout with SHOPLINE Payments POS, please refer to this article (available in Chinese).


3. Email/ save receipt in POS Order tab

Step 1

Go to the "Order" tab on the POS app. Tap the three-dot icon at the top right and select Receipt options from the drop-down menu.EN7.jpg


Step 2

Select one of the options - Print receiptEmail receipt, or Save receipt



A. Send receipt by email

Follow the same step for emailing receipts, enter the customer's email address, and tap Send.



B. Save receipt as image

After tapping the "Save receipt" button, a pop-up window "'SLPOS' Would Like to Add to your Photos" will appear. Tap "OK" if you allow the receipt to be stored in Photos.



A prompt message "Save successfully" will appear. The receipt will be saved as an image in Photos.



*Note: If you tapped "Don't Allow" in the pop-up window but wish to save receipts in the future, please go to the iPad [Settings] > [SLPOS] and change "allow SLPOS to access Photos" to "Add Photos Only". 



4. View receipt in Admin

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders] > "POS" tab. Click on the order number and click Transaction Details under "Transaction History".

*Note: In case of conflict transactions, the "Transaction Details" button will be hidden. Please read this FAQ article for details.



A window will pop up to show the receipt preview. 


*Tip: To search the order in the "Orders" tab on the POS app, you can enter the transaction number manually or scan the barcode at the bottom of the receipt with a scanner.



5. Notes

  • If you have selected to print receipts before the release of this feature, the system will keep the setting and print receipts by default.
  • If you select the "Email receipt" option, a carbon copy will be sent to the Order Email address or the Shop Email if the Order Email has not been set up. Please go to [Settings] > [Basic Settings] and click Advanced Settings to view/ edit the shop emails. 






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