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SHOPLINE supports printing A4 receipts for more detailed product information or warranty purposes.

This article will cover the following:


1. Enable feature

Step 1

In the POS app, go to [Settings] > [Invoice and Receipt] and switch on the "Enable A4 receipt" toggle.



Step 2

On the checkout page, switch on the "Print A4 receipt" toggle.




2. Printer setup


  • This section uses the DCP-T520W printer as an example. For further questions, please contact the Online Merchant Success Team.
  • SHOPLINE only handles maintenance inquiries for the DCP-T520W printer and does not support repairs for other printer brands.
  • If you are using an iPad, please select a printer that supports AirPrint.
  • Preparatory steps for Android tablets: Before printing A4 receipts, download the "Brother Print Service Plugin" from Google Play. This plugin allows you to select the DCP-T520W printer.Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 7.14.27 PM.png


Use the following methods to connect to the same WiFi network as your mobile device to proceed.

i. Configure WiFi on printer's control panel

Press the "▲ ▼" keys and the "OK" button for operation.

  • ▲: Press to go up and select the option on the left.
  • ▼: Press to go down and select the option on the right.
  • OK: Confirm.



Step 1. Press the "WiFi" button.

Step 2. Use "▲ ▼" to find "WLAN Enable?" and press "OK".

Step 3. Press "▲" to select "On".

Step 4. When the panel displays "Select SSID and set", use "▲ ▼" to find the WiFi network your mobile device is connected to. Then, press "OK".

Step 5. If the WiFi requires a password, use "▲ ▼"  to select characters.


ii. Configure WiFi using Setup Wizard on your mobile device

Step 1. Download and install "Brother iPrint&Scan" from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2. Enable Brother iPrint&Scan and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your mobile device to the printer.


For further printer instructions, please refer to the DCP-T520W official manual.



3. Print A4 receipts at checkout

Step 1

Tap Preorder or Checkout at the checkout page. The receipt settings window will pop up.



Step 2

Select the printer to connect, quantity, paper size, and other printing settings. You can refer to the preview on the left to make adjustments. You can also tap the "Share" icon to save the A4 receipt's PDF file to your device.
*Note: Your device must remain connected, and the network must be the same as the receipt printer's network.



Step 3

After settings are confirmed, tap Print in the top right corner.

*Note: If there are many products, it may take longer to create the order, and the first print attempt might fail. Please tap Retry for a successful print.


Data obtainment failure

If the system fails to retrieve relevant data, an error prompt "Failed to obtain receipt file" will appear. Check the network connection and tap Retry. If unsuccessful, tap Cancel to skip the print and return to the checkout.


Printer error

The tablet will display an error prompt for printing errors.

Please note that printer errors cannot be resolved from the POS app. You need to check them on the tablet or printer.

Once the error is resolved, you can tap Continue to retry printing or tap Cancel to skip and return to the checkout.

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 5.31.19 PM.png


Possible printer errors include:

  • Out of paper.
  • Paper tray not detected (Paper tray inserted incorrectly or prevented by a foreign object).
  • Paper jam.
  • For other common errors, please refer to the printer's official manual.



4. Print A4 receipts in "Orders" tab

If you fail to print an A4 receipt during checkout and need to reprint, you can reinitiate the print from the "Orders" tab.

Step 1

In the POS app, go to [Orders] and select the transaction for reprinting. Tap the action button at the top right, and select Receipt options.



Step 2

Tap Print A4 receipt.



Step 3

Follow the same steps as Step 2 in Print A4 receipt at checkout. Select the printer to connect, quantity, paper size, etc. You can refer to the preview on the left to make adjustments.



5. Receipt details

The A4 receipt lists detailed information about the transaction, such as transaction number, store name, and sales (personnel) name. Store data is sourced from the store information set up in the ONE Omni Channel management platform. For more details on ONE Omni Channel, please refer to this article: ONE Omni Channel.



6. Notes

  • Please ensure a stable connection while printing A4 receipts; otherwise, printing may not be successful.
  • If you have enabled the functions for invoices and thermal receipts, the order of printing for these three types of receipts is: invoice > thermal receipt > A4 receipt.
    • If the invoice printer is not connected when printing invoices, you will not be able to skip printing the invoice. Please restore the connection before continuing to print other receipts.
  • If there are many products in the order or if the product images are large, printing A4 receipts may fail. Please tap Retry to try printing again.
  • When processing full order returns, you cannot directly print A4 receipts. After the return is completed, you can reprint the A4 receipt in the "Orders" tab.


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