New LINE@ / FB Messenger Broadcast Messages


Besides broadcasting text messages to customers via LINE@ and Facebook Messager, merchants can also re-engage with customers by sending them images and card messages on the two platforms.  

Please follow the instructions below to complete the settings:


1. How to create LINE@ / Facebook broadcast message

Step 1. Confirm your plan for the store and start using it 

At the upper right corner of SHOPLINE Admin, go to Hello, (Your Name) > My Subscription & Billing to view the store's plans and modules.

  1. There are Plans and Modules under the "Paid Subscription". Please check if your store has the Re-engagement module. If you have subscribed to the plan, the feature will be directly enabled.

  2. If you are using the Basic, Advanced, Premium, O2O, Enterprise, or Cross Border plan (as shown below). Please confirm whether your store is using O2O/Enterprise/Cross Border plan.EN_Step1-2.png

    If so, please go to [App] > [App Store] in the left menu to install the features.


After enabling the feature, please connect the store account with the Facebook Page and LINE@ account in [Channel Integration]. If you have already completed the integration, go to Step 2 to continue. 


Step 2

Go to [Customer Management] > [Broadcast Center]. Click New Message and select Facebook Messenger

This is an example of creating a Facebook Messenger broadcast. If you want to send via LINE, please select "LINE@" and follow the same procedures as that for Facebook Messenger. 

*Note: Messages sent through LINE will be sent as paid messages, which will be accounted from LINE's monthly free message quota.



Step 3

On the setup page, fill in the Broadcast Name (only visible to Admin staff).



Step 4

Select to create a Text, Image, or Card message. The three types of messages are treated as separate messages. You may add at most 3 messages for 1 broadcast.


The following goes through the features and limitations of each message type:

A. Text Message - Only enter text, symbols, and links. 400 characters limit for a Text Message. English characters, punctuation, and blanks are counted as 1 character.

B. Image Message - Support JPEG format, 4096 x 4096 pixels for resolution and size less than 1 MB.

C. Card Message - Can enter text, add images, and buttons. You can put a URL to each button and let customers click directly.

Character limits: 

  • 80 characters for the Title and Description of Facebook Card Messages
  • 400 characters for the Title and Description of LINE@ Card Messages
  • 20 characters for button names



Card Messages

When editing a card message, click + Add Button to insert a product or shop link into the button.



Enter the button name and link, then click Save.



After clicking Save, you will see the button you just created. You may include up to 3 buttons in one Card Message. 



Click the center of the image to change the image. Use the arrow and "bin" icon to rearrange the message order or to remove the message. 



Step 5

In "Message Setting", select whether to send the message immediately or schedule a send time.



Step 6

In the Set Target Group tab, you can select the interactive users of the Facebook Page you want the broadcast message sent to in the Send Fanpage drop-down menu.

*Note: Please broadcast the message separately if you are going to send it to multiple Pages.



In the Add Filters drop-down menu, you can select the filter for customers who have agreed to receive broadcast messages. If you have more than one filter, the message will be sent to customers who meet all filters.

*Note: If you do not add the "accept FB Messenger marketing" filter to the delivery list, customers who have interacted with the Facebook Page within 24 hours will still receive the messages regardless of whether or not they have agreed to receive broadcast messages. 



After setup, the page will show the customer list to which the message will be delivered based on the settings for Send Fanpage and Add Filters. The list will include information on Facebook Name, Last interacting time, and Interact in last 24-hour.

If all settings are confirmed, you can click Send in the lower right corner to deliver the message.



3 New Facebook Broadcast Filters "Has Mobile Number", "Has Email", and "Customer Name"


1. Has Mobile Number

As long as the customer details include either a phone number or a mobile number, the customer will be successfully selected through the filter.


2. Has Email

As long as the customer details includes an Email, the customer will be successfully selected through the filter.


3. Customer Name

Insert customer’s name that matches their Facebook account to successfully be included in the filter. 

*Note: Currently supports up to 25 names in total. 



The Broadcast Center supports sending broadcast message to existing customer groups

Select Customer Group under Target Group Options and choose an existing group from the Select Customer Group drop-down menu. For more details, please refer to this article.



You can still select Customize Target and add filters to choose your target customers.




  • If it is a scheduled message, the delivery list will change due to the interaction status during this time period.
  • If "Unable to get Facebook name" appears in the delivery list, it means that the customer is a user who joined a long time ago and has not interacted.
  • The definition of "interactive" includes:
    • Customer has sent a private message to the Page before.
    • New customers clicked the box "Send to Messenger" on the Sign-up / Sign-in page at the storefront.Untitled_design.gif
  • Messages "can" be delivered in the following circumstances:  
    • Customers agreed to receive promotional messages - Messages can be delivered within 24 hours.
    • Customers have not agreed to receive promotional messages, but there was interaction within 24 hours.
  • Messages "cannot" be delivered in the following circumstances 
    • Customers agreed to receive promotional messages, but there has been no interaction within the last 24 hours.
    • Customers have not agreed to receive promotional messages, and there has been no interaction within the last 24 hours.


2. Views of broadcast messages

Customers will receive your card message in the LINE app or Facebook Messenger.



Customers can view the promotion details by clicking the hyperlink.



3. Notes

  • If you send 3 types of messages (i.e.: Text, Image, Card) in 1 broadcast message, the system will count the "Number Sent" as 3.
  • The actual order of messages received by customers currently may differ from the order displayed in Admin, this is due to the processing of Facebook / LINE. If you need to ensure message ordering, it is recommended that you send separate broadcast messages.

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