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SHOPLINE provides multiple sign up and login methods for members. Other than the existing Email and Facebook sign up and login methods, customers can now also log into your shop with their LINE account. 

* In order to use the login feature, you will need to register a LINE Developers account with your personal LINE account. A number of setting steps are required. Please be patient and follow the steps shown on admin panel. If you encounter situation that does not match we the description we provide, please take a screenshot of your screen and contact our online consultant for help.

You can get the feature in Apps Store

Reminder: Please first install 'LINE Integrations' app for this app to work.



Below are setting procedures for merchants:

Step 1

Go to "Channel Intergration"> "LINE">  Turn on "LINE Login & Sign up" toggle.


Step 2:

 Go to "LINE developer" 


Step 3:

Click "LINE Login" > Click "Start now" >  Login with your LINE account or business account.



Step 4:

Creatw new Provider named shopline > Click "Next Page" to create LINE Login Channel.


*Please make sure you enter shopline in lower case as a provider name. Or you may see the error message as below:



Step 5:

Setup your App icon , name and description.



Step 6:

Select "Use WEB[WEB]" and "Use NATIVE_APP[Native_APP]" in App type

           > Fill in your Email address 

           > Click "Confirm" > Check "LINE Developers Agreement" > Click "Create".




Step 7:

Go to LINE Login Channel you just created.



Step 8: 

Copy Channel ID and Channel Secret 

             > Go back to SHOPLINE admin and paste it on Step 2.


Step 9:

Check the options use WEB [WEB] and use NATIVE_APP [NATIVE_APP] are both actived in App type.

*If not, click into Edit and finish the setting.



Step 10:

Find the "OpenID Connect" at bottom

             > Click the "Submit" button near the Email: Unapplied

             > Fill all the fields needed and upload the store logo image to submit.




Step 11:

Go to "App setting" > Find the "Redirect settings" at bottom > Click "Edit" button

              > Go back to SHOPLINE admin and copy Callback URL on step 11

              > Paste it to "Redirect settings" on LINE Developers Page.





Step 12:

Publish your LINE Login Channel

              Click the "Developing" button on the top right corner on the same page

              > Click "Publish Status" on the confirmation window

              > The "Developing" status button will then become "Published". 





Step 13:

Go back to SHOPLINE admin pannel 

              > Click the "Connect" button on the down right corner

              > You will see "LINE Login & Sign Up is active!" on the top right corner.


after connecting , "LINE Login & Sign up" toggle will be turned on.


There will be LINE sign up and login buttons on the storefront, so the consumers can sign in by LINE.


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