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SHOPLINE provides multiple sign-up and login methods for store members. In addition to email and Facebook, customers can also register and log in to your shop using their LINE account. This article will run through the steps needed in SHOPLINE Admin and on the LINE Developers site needed to enable LINE Login & Sign-up for your store. 

*Reminder: Messages sent through LINE will be sent as paid messages, which will be accounted from LINE's monthly free message quota.


Step 1. Check your plan 

In the top right-hand corner of SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Hello, OOO] > [My Subscription & Billing] to view the store's plans and modules.

  1. If you see the screen as below, where the two headings below Paid Subscription are Plans and Modules, check to see if your store has an e-Commerce Plan or Social Commerce plan. If you have one of these plans, please skip to Step 2: Enable feature in SHOPLINE Admin. 

  2. If you are using the Basic, Advanced, Premium, O2O, or Enterprise plan (as shown below). Please confirm whether your store is using the Premium, O2O, or Enterprise plan.EN_Step1-2.png

    If you have a Premium plan, in SHOPLINE Admin go to [App] > [App Store] and search for and install Line Login & Sign Up

    If you have an O2O or Enterprise plan, in SHOPLINE Admin, go to [App] > [App Store] and find and install Line Integration.


Step 2. Enable the feature in SHOPLINE Admin

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Channel Intergration] > [LINE]. Switch on the "LINE Login & Sign up" toggle.



* The remaining integrated LINE features (not including LINE Login & Sign Up) in the example above are only available for flagship plan/O2O users. If you are interested in learning more about these features, you can contact our Online Merchant Success Team via SHOPLINE Admin.


Step 3. LINE Developer 

Go to the LINE Developers site and click on [LINE Login] under [Products]. 


On the next page, click on Start now



Step 4. Log in to LINE

In order to log in to the LINE Developers site, you'll need to first set up a LINE Business ID. You can do this either by creating a new account, or by using your existing LINE account or LINE business account. You can register for both of these by providing your name and email address.


Step 5. Create a new provider 

Once you have logged in, on the LINE Developers console page, click on [Console home] in the menu on the left-hand side, and then click on Create a new provider. Name the new provider shopline (this should be all lowercase in order to avoid errors later). 





Step 6. Create a LINE Login channel for shopline

Once you have created the new provider shopline, click on Create a LINE Login channel.


Upload a Channel icon (you can use your store's logo for this), and then enter the Channel name and Channel description. Customers will see these fields if they use LINE to log in to your store. You can edit these settings after you've saved them. Do not include any spaces in the channel name.


In the [App types] field check both [Web app] and [Mobile app]. Enter your email address, and then choose whether or not to enter a link to your store's terms of use and/or privacy policy. Check [I have read and agree to the LINE Developers Agreement] and then click [Create].  




Step 7

From the [Basic settings] tab for your LINE Channel, copy the Channel ID and Channel Secret.




Step 8. Confirm settings 

1. Return to SHOPLINE Admin. Go to [Channel Integration] > [LINE] > [LINE Sign Up & Login] and paste the Channel ID and Channel secret copied from LINE Developers in Step 9 into the corresponding fields in SHOPLINE Admin. 

mceclip0.png2. Go back to the channel page in LINE Developers. In the [App types] field, make sure that both Mobile App and Web App are activated. If not, click [Edit] to change the settings. 


3. In the [Basic settings] tab for the channel page in LINE Developers, scroll down to [OpenID Connect] at the bottom of the page. The status of [Email address permission] will currently be set to [Unapplied]. Click on [Apply] and check off the required fields. Upload a screenshot that shows how your app asks for consent and explains what you're using the email addresses of customers for. Click [Submit] to save the settings. 



*If the [Email address permission] field in LINE Developers remains [Unapplied] then customers will not be able to register or log in to your store using a LINE Account. 


Your customers may still see an error message when trying to use a LINE account to log in or register with your store. This is because the customer's LINE account does not have a registered email address. To register an email address with a LINE account, in the LINE mobile app, go to [Settings] > [Account].


Step 9. Callback URL

1. Return to [Channel Integration] > [LINE] > [LINE Sign Up & Login] in SHOPLINE Admin and copy the Callback URL. 

In the Channel page in LINE Developers, go to the [LINE Login] tab and scroll down to [Callback URL]. Click [Edit] and then paste the Callback URL copied from SHOPLINE Admin into the corresponding field in LINE Developers. 



If you do not complete this step, customers will see the error message below when trying to register or log in to your store using a LINE account. 



Step 10. Update and publish 

In the Channel Page in LINE Developers, click on the indicator button that says [Developing] at the top of the window. In the [Publish this channel?] popup window, click [Publish]. The status indicator that previously said [Developing] will now say [Published]. 





Step 11. Connect 

Go back to [Channel Integration] > [LINE] > [LINE Sign Up & Login] in SHOPLINE Admin.  Click on [Connect] in the bottom right-hand corner.


Once you have connected successfully, a confirmation message will appear that says: "LINE Login & Sign Up is active!"


After completing all the steps of the setup, the toggle switch for [LINE Login & Sign up] in [SHOPLINE Admin] > [Channel Integration] > [LINE] will be set to [ON]. You will also now be able to see a [Log in with LINE] button on your storefront.

If you still need help enabling LINE login/registration for your store after following all of the above steps, please leave a comment below for our customer support team and add as an Admin to your LINE Login channel. 

To add as an Admin to your LINE Login channel, you need to first complete steps 1 to 7 of this FAQ. If you have already done this, go to the [Roles] tab for your Line Login Channel in LINE Developers and select [Invite by email]. Enter into the [Emails] field, then select [Admin] from the [Role] dropdown menu. Click [Send invitations] to complete the process. 








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