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*This feature only supports HKD stores/Hong Kong-based merchants.

To assist merchants in the convenience of running their e-commerce operations, SHOPLINE has launched our comprehensive payment method --  SHOPLINE Payments! This article will provide instructions for merchants using SHOPLINE Payments to set up "Faster Payment System (FPS)" as a payment option in their Admin.


1. Setting up FPS in Admin 

Step 1

Before you set up, please complete SHOPLINE Payments Basic account verifications. Once your Basic account verification has passed, you can set up FPS as one of your payment options.


Step 2

Go to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Click Add to add payment options.



Step 3

Select "SHOPLINE Payments" as the payment type. Select "FPS" as the payment method.

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Step 4

We suggest you fill in the "Payment Instructions" field. You can also upload JPG, PNG, and GIF images (smaller than 10 MB) in the "Drop Files Here" field. Check the "Display these instructions on the checkout page" box so that your customers can see these when checking out.

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Step 5

Select the delivery option(s) to be excluded from this payment method. Click Add at the bottom right to update.



Step 6

Upon adding, a reminder window will appear. Please decide whether you wish to apply this payment method to all ongoing promotions and campaigns.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 2.23.49 PM.png


Click OK, and the option "FPS" will appear on the list.

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 5.01.32 PM.png



2. Customer checkout flow

Step 1

When the customer places an order, they can select "FPS" in the "Payment Method" drop-down menu.

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 5.03.28 PM.png


Step 2

After the customer proceeds to checkout, they can see in the "Payment Detail" section that FPS is selected as the payment option. Click Place Order, and the order for this transaction will be created in the SHOPLINE Admin.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 2.27.58 PM.png


Step 3

The customer will be directed to an FPS page containing a QR code for payment, which they need to scan using their mobile device.


  • If the customer shop on their mobile device, they need to take a screenshot of the QR code and upload it to the FPS app for the subsequent payment.
  • The QR code has an expiration time. The FPS payment will be unavailable after the time limit, and the customer will have to return to the checkout page and reinitiate payment.
  • If the order is not successfully paid in 60 minutes, its payment status will change to "Expired."

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 2.34.03 PM.png


Step 4

If the payment is successful, the customer will be directed to the order completion page. The Order Status will be updated to "Open", and the Payment Status will be updated to "Paid".

FPS successful payment.png


If the customer requests a refund, please note that merchants cannot initiate an online refund in the SHOPLINE admin. You can only process refunds through transfers with the customer.



3. Notes

  • If the customer pays with mobile devices, they need to take a screenshot of the QR code and upload it to the FPS app for the subsequent payment.
  • The customer needs to complete the payment within the expiration time. Otherwise, they will need to return to the checkout page and reinitiate payment.
  • FPS does not support online refunds. If the customer requests a refund, merchants can only process it through transfers. 
  • Refunding duplicate payments: SHOPLINE will verify the details and amounts of the related orders and notify the merchant after 1 business day of detecting the duplicate payments. The refunds t for the duplicate orders will be issued to the merchant 2 business days later. Please note that a surcharge will be incurred for each duplicate order, and the surcharge rates will vary among merchants.
    For example (with the surcharge rate being 1.5%):
    • On Monday, the customer placed a 100$ order but accidentally made 2 more duplicate payments, resulting in 3 orders totaling 300$.
    • On Tuesday, SHOPLINE detected the 3 duplicate orders and notified the merchant about the situation, including the expected amounts of 2 duplicate orders. The total refund amount is calculated as (100 - 1.5)*2 = 197$.
    • On Wednesday, the merchant received 2 refunds totaling 197$. Subsequently, and they can now transfer the refunds back to the customer.


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