Order Status and Operations


Merchants can adjust and view the order status to access the progress of each order. You can refer to this article in order to understand the order status and product fulfillment logic.

How to enable "Return Order by Customer", please read Return Order by Customer.


1. Order status

Every order includes the following three types of status (Order status, Payment status, Delivery status). Payment status "Failed" and "Expired" are automatically updated by the system, while you can manually update the order status.


[Coming Soon] Partially Refunded

You can manually select "Partially Refunded" as the payment status for situations where only part of the payment has been refunded. 



The above does not include 7-11 and Family Mart's delivery status.
Please go to the following articles (currently available in Traditional Chinese) if you need any further information:

7-11 B2C / 7-11 C2C / 7-11 C2B / Family Mart B2C


2. Product fulfillment and fulfillment reverted

i. Use Stripe and Braintree as payment methods

If your Stripe has not enabled the 3D Secure authentication: Orders will be created and the product quantity will be deducted only after the customer completes their order payment.

If your Stripe has enabled the 3D Secure authentication: the same case as ii. Use other payment methods


ii. Use other payment methods

When the customer clicks the Place Order button on the checkout page, a new "Unpaid" order will appear in the Admin. The product quantity will be deducted from the inventory.

  • Subsequently, if the order transaction failed, the system will automatically update the payment status to "Failed" and cancel the order (the order status will be updated "Cancelled"). Due to the order cancellation, the inventory is returned simultaneously.
  • Subsequently, if the order transaction time expires, it will depend on whether you have enabled the auto-cancel order feature. If the feature is enabled, the system will update the order status to "Cancelled" and return the inventory simultaneously.


  1. When the order status is "Cancelled", the system will automatically return the inventory. In some occasions where orders have applied for promotions, the system will also return the promotion usage count. 
  2. Note: If you delete the order directly, inventory and promotion will not be returned.


3. Update payment status by system

i. Paid

If your store adopts a third-party payment service though SHOPLINE's integration, payment status is automatically updated to "Paid" after a successful customer transaction. However, information on third-party payment gateway platforms shall prevail in case of any discrepancy.


ii. Failed

If your store uses a third-party payment service with SHOPLINE's integration, payment status is automatically updated to "Failed" if a customer transaction is rejected. The system will cancel the order so that the inventory is up to date. You can go to the "Order Details" page to view the feedback from the payment service provider regarding the failed payment.

Here are some common conditions:

  • Invalid card information 
  • Card lost
  • Card expired 
  • 3D Secure authentication failure
  • Connection failure, etc.


iii. Expired

If the customer does not complete the payment process and leaves the website directly, the system will update the payment status to "Expired" after expiry time.

Here are some common conditions:

  • Failure to submit order due to unknown reason
  • Failure to access OTP to retrieve SMS one-time password
  • Failure to complete 3D Secure authentication (did not receive SMS or process interrupted)

Please refer to the following table for detailed payment expiry time:

Payment Service Provider Payment Method Expiration Time
ECpay Credit Card
Credit Card via (months interest installment)
1 Hour
CVS 7 Days (by default)
Barcode 12 Days
ATM 3 Days (by default)
 O'Pay   Credit Card
Credit Card via (months interest installment)
1 Hour
CVS 7 Days
ATM 3 Days
 AsiaPay Credit Card
1 Hour
Dragonpay Dragonpay 2 Days
PayPal Express Credit Card
3 Days


PayMe for Business

1 Hour

15 minutes

Razer Merchant Services

Online Banking/FPX

Credit Card

1 Hour
Stripe Stripe 3D Secure 6 Hours

Credit Card




6 Hours

1 Hour

60 minutes

15 minutes

OMISE Credit Card
3 Hours
Octopus Octopus 15 minutes


If customers use a)ECPay Credit Card; b)Taishin card acquiring operation; c)Bank SinoPac card acquiring operation

If the transaction proceeds to 3D Secure authentication, i.e.: after a customer submits an order, they will be redirected to the 3D Secure authentication page of the card-issuing bank, the page is usually valid within 10 minutes. If the customer does not enter the one-time password within the time limit, the page may expire. The order status will be updated to "expired" in one hour's time. If the customer wishes to resume the purchase, they have to replace the order. 


Note: If the customer selects ECPay credit card payment, but does not complete the 3D Secure authentication, the order status will first be updated to "expired". Then ECPay will send a message of failure to the system, so the order status will be updated to "failed". 


4. Auto cancel orders with "expired" payment status

If you think canceling expired orders manually takes you too much effort, you can turn on the "Automatically cancel orders with expired payment status" option on the "Order Settings" page. Once the setting is switched on, the system will automatically change the order status of expired orders to "Cancelled" and immediately return the inventory.


If you have already changed the Order Status manually before the status is changed automatically by the system, then that order's status will not be updated. The status will reflect the status set during the manually set.

For example, you have an order that has been paid by credit card and the payment status reflects "Unpaid" while the order status reflects "Open". The order status is then changed to "Confirmed," but due to the payment information not being received the payment status becomes "Expired". If you have enabled the "Automatically Cancel Expired Orders" feature, the system will not change the Order Status to "Cancelled", as it has been manually changed to "Confirmed". Thus, the payment/order status of the order would be: "Expired" + "Confirmed".

*Please note: 

Due to temporary abnormalities, the system may sometimes return the status of an order to "Paid" after it has "Expired". In these situations, the status will be re-updated to "Paid", and automatically canceled orders will be updated to "Open" to ensure that inventory is held. When a product is out of stock, the system will be unable to update the order status (The status of orders in this situation would be: "Cancelled" and "Paid"). 


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