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*Only for HKD stores/Hong Kong-based merchants

SHOPLINE has launched SHOPLINE Payments to help merchants to operate and manage payment more conveniently. The SHOPLINE Payments is the ideal payment management system with the SHOPLINE Admin, your customers can use their credit card and payment app to make purchases in your store 24/7 without any hassle!

If you are a company merchant, you can also activate the SHOPLINE Payments Alipay payment service after passing the advanced verification. 

This article will explain how to activate a SHOPLINE Payments account in the store Admin.


Step 1. Activate SHOPLINE Payments

In the store Admin, go to [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Click Activate now in the banner, then click Apply now to start the application. 




Permission is required to operate SHOPLINE Payments. You need the permission to access SHOPLINE Payments to view the application banner.

If you cannot see the application banner, please go to [Settings] > [Permission & Security] to view your access right for "SHOPLINE Payments account rights." Please consult your store manager/ authorized online store personnel to grant permissions for you. 



Step 2. Basic verification

This step requires you to submit the account information for registration. Submitted information will be used for identity verification.

Please select the business type and enter the information for registration. After filling in the information, please read and tick to agree to the Privacy Policy and Service Policy, and click Submit Verification Information.


*Note: Please select the correct business type for your business as this affects the application requirement and verification process.


After submitting the information for basic verification, the page will return to [Settings] > [Payment Options]. The banner will be updated to "Basic account review is in progress". The review process takes about 3-5 working days, please wait patiently for the result. 



Step 3. Complete basic verification

The system will send a notification email to you once you have passed the review. You will also find the status "Basic account is activated" in the banner on [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Click the menu at the top right on the store Admin page, and select SHOPLINE Payments account to view the transaction details. 

After passing the basic review, you can start receiving payouts on SHOPLINE Payments. You will add "SHOPLINE Payments" for payment options for customers. 



*Note: After setting up SHOPLINE Payments payment options, the footer "Powered by SHOPLINE Payments" will automatically appear on the online store page.



Step 4. Advanced verification 

This step will verify your registered information. Once you pass the advanced verification, the refund function can be activated, and you can receive the payouts received via SHOPLINE Payments.

Go to the store Admin > [Settings] > [Payment Options] and click Activate now to continue with the advanced verification.



Enter the business information accordingly, and submit and upload the bank details for payouts. After that, read and tick "I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service" then click Activate and Continue

*Note: The address field has a 64-character limit.

After passing the advanced verification, you will find the status update on the [Settings] > [Payment Options] page. The advanced verification takes around 3-5 working days, so please wait patiently.


Step 5. Complete advanced verification

After passing the advanced review, you will find the button "View SHOPLINE Payments account" on the [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Click on the button to view the transaction details on your SHOPLINE Payments account page. 


  • After the company merchant completes the advanced verification, SHOPLINE will continue to assist in applying for SHOPLINE Payments Alipay service (The approval will take about 5-7 working days after passing the advanced verification. The final approval result will be subjected by Alipay).
  • The registered company information cannot be changed after the advanced verification is completed. Please contact the SHOPLINE Online Merchant Success Team for assistance in special circumstances.




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