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If you have a multitude of products on your POS app, searching for the early established product might take longer time as they are located near the bottom of the app. For such a circumstance, you can use the "Pinned Products" feature to pin the frequently used products or star products to the top. Therefore, you can see these products at first glance when you open the app, saving your time and accelerating the checkout process.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Admin settings

A. Enable the "Pin products on POS App" feature

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Product Settings] > [POS], and switch on the toggle for "Pin products on POS App" to enable this feature on your POS app.pastedGraphic_1.png


B. Set up password

You can set a custom password for the feature to restrict access only to qualified staff.

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Retail Store] > [Password settings]. Select the target store, and click the Edit button next to the "Pin products on POS App" feature.


Step 2

Set a password of 4 to 6 numbers in the pop-up window. Click Save for the password to take effect. Thereafter, anyone trying to pin products on the POS app is required to enter this password beforehand.



2. Steps to pin products

Step 1. Enter the product pinning mode

In the POS app, go to [Checkout] and select a product category. Then, tap the "pin" icon on the top to enter the product pinning mode.


  • Please tap on the "pin" icon before scrolling down to search for products.
  • You can pin products for each product category.



Step 2. Select products

Tap on the products you would like to pin. The selected products will have a number on them.



Notes on pinning products

  • When selecting products, a number will be displayed on the product images. The first selected product is marked as 1, and so on. This order is the display order of the pinned products. (This order can be adjusted later.)
  • To unpin a product, tap on the product once more.
  • The upper limit of pinned products in each category is 32. Please note that:
    • The "Supplier" category does not support pinned products.
    • If Product A is in Category B and Category C, and you wish to pin Product A in both categories, you will need to conduct the pinning process in Category B and Category C respectively. That is, you have to pin the product for 2 times.
  • In the product pinning mode, adding or sorting products is not available.
  • In the product pinning mode, if you would like to use the searching feature, you have to tap Cancel first before you can save or preview the pinned products.


Step 3. Preview pinned products

Once you finished selecting the products to be pinned, you can preview them to see if any adjustment is needed. Tap Preview on the top of the app to enter the preview mode.



In the preview mode, you can adjust the order of the products or remove pinned products.

  • Adjust the order of pinned products:
    Long hold on one product and drag it to change its order.



  • Remove pinned products:
    Tap on the product for the first time to display a rubbish bin icon. Tap for the second time to remove the target product.
    If you would like to cancel the rubbish bin icon, please use the "long hold and drag" feature or tap on the End preview button and re-enter the preview mode to proceed.




Step 4. Confirm and save

Tap the Done button on the top.pastedGraphic_6.png


A pop-up window will appear. Tap OK to confirm and save the product pinning.
*Note: If the changes are not successfully saved, please make sure you have a stable internet connection and try again.IMG_1073.PNG


The pinned products will be displayed on the top of the "Checkout" page. Collapsing and expanding the list is available for you to quickly select the pinned products.pastedGraphic_8.png



3. Steps to unpin products

On the "Checkout" page, tap the "pin" icon and enter the product pinning mode again. Tap on the products you would like to unpin and tap Done to complete the unpinning.




4. Notes

The following situations might occur during the product pinning process. Please refer to the corresponding descriptions and potential solutions.

1. Attempt to leave the page while the pinning is not complete

In the product pinning mode, if you tap on the left menu or the Checkout button, a notification will pop up to remind you of incomplete pinning. Tap Back to stay on the current page. Tap OK to leave for the page to would like to go to.



2. Limitation for simultaneous use on multiple devices

Product pinning changes can only be saved for one category on one device at a time. If you are using 2 iPads to pin products for the same category, the latter iPad to complete pinning will have a "Pinned Products Changed" notification. Please leave the product pinning mode, refresh the app, and resume the product pinning.

For instance, you are using iPad A and iPad B at the same time, and iPad A finishes pinning first. When you tap Done on iPad B, the notification will pop up. Please tap Discard current changes and re-enter the product pinning mode to pin the products again.pastedGraphic_10.png


3. "Hide product without inventory" is enabled

If you have enabled the "Hide product without inventory" in POS app > [Products], an out-of-stock pinned product will still be displayed normally in the product pinning mode, but it will be hidden when you go back to the "Checkout" page. Below is an example of the product "Fruit Tart".

  • In the product pinning mode:
    The "Fruit Tart" inventory is 0, but it is displayed on the list.

  • "Checkout" page:
    In the "Checkout" page, "Fruit Tart" is hidden from the list.

4. Disconnection during product pinning

If internet disconnection should happen during the product pinning process, you will not be able to save the changes. Please resume the internet to complete the pinning.



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