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Merchants can divide the products into categories and make different thematic categories so that the retail store staff can quickly and accurately find the products that customers want to check out according to customer needs and keywords.

This article will be covering the following: 


1. How to add a new POS category 

Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products & Categories] > [Categories]. Select the POS tab, click the Add button on the right.



Step 2. Category name settings

"Name" is a required field. Category names can be a maximum of 40 characters. After entering a category, click the Add button. 


After clicking Add, the new POS app category will now appear in the list of categories. To edit the name of a category, click on the Edit button next to a category entry.


All POS categories are only visible in the store Admin and POS app operated by store personnel. They will not be found in the online store.  


2. Assign products to POS category

There are two methods for importing POS categories: 

  • Assign a category when adding/editing a product 
  • Bulk import 


i. Assign a category when adding/editing a product

Step 1. In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products & Categories] > [Categories], then click Add. Go to the Categories section on the product page, then select the POS app categories you want to add the product to.  

*Note: Products can currently be assigned to only one POS category. To delete or change the assigned category, please refer to this section: Remove POS category


Step 2. After selecting a POS app category, click the Add button to save your settings. 



Step 3. To see if a product has been successfully added to a category, go to [Products & Categories] > [Categories]. On the POS tab, click View Products next to a category in the list. 



You will see the products that have been moved into the category.



ii. Bulk import

Step 1.Go to [Products & Categories] > [Categories], select the POS tab and click View products.



Step 2. Click Assign Products to Category.


*Note: Products can currently be assigned to only one POS category. If you move a product with an existing POS category to another POS category, the product will be removed from the original POS category (Online store category will not be affected)


Step 3. Check the products you want to move into the category. If the product is already in this category, it will be grayed out and cannot be checked again.



Besides searching by entering the product keyword and SKU, you can also click on the drop-down menu to filter products with All, Without POS category, With POS category or Tagged with.



If you click "With POS category", select the categories then click on the Search icon mceclip1.png to filter products.



Step 4. After selecting the product, click Select x product at the bottom right to complete the update.



The category will show all the products you have assigned.



You will see all your new categories on the POS app.



Select the category, pull down the catalog to refresh. Products under the corresponding category will appear. 



3. Remove POS category

Step 1. Go to [Products & Categories] > [Categories]. Select the POS tab and click View products.



Step 2. Check ​​the products you want to remove from the category, and click Bulk Actions and select Remove Products.



Step 3. Click OK to confirm the action. 



4. Arrange POS category order

The sorting order of all POS categories is arranged according to the order in which the categories are added. The later the category is added, the more bottom it will be located.

Click and hold the Drag Indicator to change the order of the categories. The POS app will be updated simultaneously.


*Note: POS category is different from online store category in which only one level of POS category can be set. There is no parent-sub category relationship. 


5. Notes

  • Currently in the [Products and Categories] > [Products] section, moving products to POS categories is not supported. The list will only show online store categories.





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