Google Merchant Center Content API

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With the Content API connection, you can automatically upload your product info onto Google Merchant Center, which can be accessed through Google ads, YouTube LIVE Shopping feature, and other Google services.

*Note: Please remove the Product Feed before using the Google Content API. The two cannot be used simultaneously.

This article will cover the following:


1. Install the app

Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Apps] > [Apps Store] and select Google Merchant Center - Content API. Then, click Install Now. For more instructions, please refer to this article.

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Step 2

Agree to the privacy terms and terms of service and then click Install & authorize.

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2. Complete the setup

Step 1. Open the app

Upon installation, click the Open App button on the top right.

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You can also go to [Apps] > [My Apps] and click Open App next to the "Google Merchant Center - Content API" section.

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Step 2. Ads and live shopping settings

i. Fill in your Google Merchant Center account ID

⚠️ Note: If you don't have an account yet, click on this link and complete the sign-up. For more information, please refer to this article.

In the second half of 2023, Google introduced Merchant Center Next for new users. Therefore, new users must go to their Merchant Center Next, click on the Help & feedback 截圖 2023-11-29 下午4.43.47.png icon, and select Use classic Merchant Center.

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ii. Fill in the availability date

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iii. Upload products to Google Merchant Center. 

Click the 截圖 2023-11-26 上午11.40.15.png icon to copy the email.

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Next, open your Google Merchant Center account.

  1. In the Google Merchant Center, go to [Tools and Settings] > [Account access].
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  2. Add user
    Screen Shot 2023-12-21 at 12.45.40 PM.png

  3. Check the "Admin" box for the user access and click Add user.
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Step 3. Set up placement region and language

Google Merchant Center will display product ads according to your placement region and language.

Choose the placement region and language. Then, click Add new languages to the list below.


  • If you set Taiwan as the only placement region, your ads, and YouTube Shopping products will be visible exclusively to customers in Taiwan through livestreams, videos, and Shorts. To reach customers outside Taiwan, add another placement region. Ensure that your store logistics options support the selected region.
  • If you select "Traditional Chinese" as the "Placement Language" please ensure that the "Name", "Summary", and "Description" fields for all products in the store contain corresponding content in Traditional Chinese. If not, the products will not be uploaded.

Screen Shot 2023-12-21 at 12.50.30 PM.png


You can switch on/off the toggle for each region.

Screen Shot 2023-12-21 at 12.51.28 PM.png


⚠️ Note: Please remember to save the content before leaving the page.

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3. Notes

  • If you are not switching the Merchant Center Next to Classic Merchant Center, you must additionally follow these steps to set up Google Content API:
    1. In the Google Merchant Center Next page, click [Settings & Tools] > [Data sources].
      Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 4.19.36 PM.png

    2. Click Add product source.
      Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 4.22.10 PM.png

    3. Select "Add products using API".
      Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 4.23.56 PM.png

    4. Enter the name and select the country/language.
      Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 4.24.40 PM.png

    5. Click Continue.
      Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 4.25.48 PM.png

  • The system will only upload products with the following information to Google Merchant Center. Please make sure that the information is available in the placement language
    • Name
    • Summary
    • Description
    • Image
    • Price
  • Once completed, if you want to switch the Google Merchant Center connected to the store, please uninstall the app and repeat the installation and integration process.



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