Google Merchant Center Account Application & URL Verification

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Verifying Google Merchant Center (GMC) in SHOPLINE Admin allows you to manage products and ads for Google Shopping centrally. If you want to place Google Ads, please use a business Gmail account and consult the Google Merchant Center onboarding guide to set up a Google Merchant Center account.

After creating a Google Merchant Center account, follow the steps below to claim and verify your store's website. Also, please carefully review GMC's regulations as only one account holds the right to upload product data for this URL. Before verification, please confirm your GMC account with the relevant personnel and ensure that your shopping ads are running to avoid disruptions to your ad operations.

This article will introduce the following:


1. Setting up a GMC account

i. Classic Merchant Center interface

Step 1

Go to Google Merchant Center. Click on Get started and follow the steps to log in using a store-linked Gmail account.




Step 2

Enter your store's name and other details, then scroll down and agree to Google Merchant Center's terms of service. Once you have done this, click Continue.




ii. Merchant Center Next interface

In the second half of 2023, Google introduced Merchant Center Next for new users. If you are a new user, please follow the steps below to change into the Classic Merchant Center account.

Step 1

Go to Google Merchant Center and click Sign up for free. Please use your store email address.

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Step 2

Tell Google about your business:

  • Do you sell products online? (Please insert your store URL here.)
  • Do you have a brick-and-mortar store?

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Step 3

Fill in the relevant fields and click Go to Merchant Center.

Your Merchant Center Next account has been created successfully.

Screen Shot 2023-12-27 at 2.37.22 PM.png


Step 4

Click the Help & feedback 截圖 2023-11-29 下午4.43.47.png icon on the top right of Merchant Center Next and select Use classic Merchant Center.

Screen Shot 2023-12-27 at 2.37.48 PM.png


2. Get GMC verification code 

Step 1

After you have set up a GMC account, click on the "settings" icon and select Business information. Go to the "Website" tab, enter your web address, and click Continue.



Step 2

Scroll down to the verification options and click on Add an HTML tag or upload an HTML file to your website, then click Add an HTML tag.



Step 3

Copy the part of the HTML tag after content=, not including the " at the beginning at the " at the end. 



3. Add verification code in SHOPLINE Admin 

Step 1

After you have copied the verification code from Google Merchant Center, return to SHOPLINE Admin. Go to [Settings] > [Basic Settings] then scroll down to "Third Party Domain Tools".

Screen Shot 2023-12-27 at 2.12.22 PM.png


Step 2

Paste the verification code copied from Google Merchant Center into the "Google Merchant Center" field in SHOPLINE Admin, then click Update.

Screen Shot 2023-12-27 at 2.13.24 PM.png


Step 3

Go back to Google Merchant Center and click Verify website to complete the process. 




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