Reasons for Inventory Change

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After adjusting the web store or retail store's inventory, merchants can mark the reasons for inventory change for future reference in the Admin.  In this article, you'll find how you enable the feature of Reason for Inventory Change and how you record the reasons.


1. Switch on the "Reasons for Inventory Change" feature

In the Admin, go to [Settings] > [Product Settings], and switch on the toggle next to "Reasons for Inventory Change".13.png


2.  Record and view reasons for inventory change

Step 1: Go to the inventory management page

In the Admin, go to [Inventory Management] > [Inventory] to open the inventory management page.EN_2-step_1.png


Step 2: Edit inventory

Adjust or set the corresponding inventory quantity. Click Save at the top right to confirm.


Step 3: Fill in reasons for inventory change

After clicking Save, a prompt window will pop up to require administrators to select one of the reasons for inventory change, or to type in a reason. Click Save again to complete.

*Note: The text limit for writing the reason is 100. If no reason is selected or typed in, the system will treat it as no reason for the inventory change.15.png


Step 4: View reasons for inventory change

Go to [Products & Categories] > [Products] and find the product with the changed inventory. Administrators can view the log by clicking Edit > Activity Logs.


Another way to view inventory change records is to click on the View Logs button on the product edit page.17.png

In Inventory Logs, merchants can view the reasons for each inventory change.18.png



  • The "Inventory Logs" feature must be enabled to select the reason for the inventory change. 
  • This feature currently supports single inventory change only. 


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