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On the product edit page, merchants with POS can create and edit products and inventory of each warehouse. We will introduce the feature with the 3 following flows:

I. Type in available stocks of each warehouse when creating products

For products without variations, you can enter the stock of each warehouse in the "Quantity & Pricing" tab > section "Available Stock". The current default warehouse of the online store will be marked with "(Online Stock)". If an order is placed from the online store, the online stock decreases.


For products with variations, you can create stocks of each variant of all warehouses in the table of the "Variations" tab.


*The figure entered has to be "0" or a positive number. A product cannot be created with a stock of negative numbers. 


II. Edit available stocks of each warehouse

To update the available stock of a product without variation, please click the stock figure in blue, and then will appear a pop-up for updating product stock.


For products with variations, please click the figure of online stock or the pencil icon in the "All Stock" column in the table of the "Variations" tab, and then will appear a pop-up for updating product stock.


In the update stock pop-up, the " = + - " 3 ways calculation editor will appear after clicking the figure in blue. You can update the stock of each warehouse by increasing or decreasing the differences or type in the figure directly.



When updating the product stock, you can update with a "negative number" or deduct the stock from 0 or a positive number to a negative. 

After clicking the "Confirm" button, the change is successfully updated to the system and POS retail stores. No need to click "Update" again on the product edit page.



III. Update available stocks after editing product variation

If the variation is changed while editing the product, including: 

  • Create or remove a variation: E.g Add "size" in addition to "color"
  • Create a variant: E.g Add variant "L" in addition to the existing "S, M"

As the new variant combination needs to be saved to the system before updating the stock. If you click the stock figure, It will show a reminder pop-up first.


Click "Save and Continue", then all the data updates in the edit page and the new variant will be saved.

The pop-up for updating stocks will show after the " Changes Saved!" reminder.


If you need to know how to check the default warehouse retail stores, please check out ONE Omni Channel.

If you need to manage the stock of some products in different warehouses at the same time, please check out How to manually adjust the stock of each warehouse.






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