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*Only support HKD stores/Hong Kong-based merchants. 

If you have passed the reviews for SHOPLINE Payments and received a system approval letter, you can add SHOPLINE Payments payment methods in the store Admin.


This article will cover the following:


1. Add payment method 

Step 1

Go to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Click Add to add a payment method.



Step 2

  1. Payment Type: Select SHOPLINE Payments in the drop-down menu.
  2. SHOPLINE Payments method: Select one method from the drop-down menu.
    • Alipay (HK)
    • Apple Pay
    • Credit Card
    • WeChat Pay
    • Specific Credit Card Types
  3. Payment fee: The default option is "None."
  4. Checkout amount condition: Enter the minimum total amount for every checkout with this SHOPLINE Payment method.

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A. Alipay (HK)

Please see this article for more setup details.


B. Apple Pay

Please see this article for more setup details.


C. Credit Card

SHOPLINE Payments currently supports VISA / Mastercard / UnionPay / Diners Club.

  1. Name of the payment method: We suggest you enter "Credit Card (VISA / Mastercard / Union Pay/ Diners Club)."
  2. Payment Instructions: You can type in payment instructions.
  3. Upload image file: You can upload JPG, PNG, GIF images under 10 MB.
  4. Display these instructions on the checkout page: The payment instructions will be displayed automatically on the checkout page when the customer selects the corresponding payment option.
  5. Note: Credit card payments currently only support one-off payments.



D. WeChat Pay

Please see this article for more setup details.


E. Specific Credit Card Type

Supported Specific credit card types now support: VISA / Mastercard / UnionPay / Diners Club.

  1. Name of the payment method: It is set to be "Specific Credit Card Types" by default. You can specify the card type. For example, "Specific Credit Card Type - Mastercard." 
  2. Whitelist validation: You can select between "card scheme" or "Issuer or card brand." Check the boxes of the specified card scheme or input the 6 to 8 digits Bank Identification Number.
  3. After the setup, you can go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions] / [Bundle Promotions] to create promotional events. Select the applicable payment method to create specific credit card promotions.
  4. Notes:
    • Specific credit card type payments currently only support one-off payments.
    • Orders created by [Social Commerce] > [Manual Orders] currently do not support this feature.



Step 3

Check the box(es) to exclude inapplicable payment methods. Click Add to confirm the settings. 



After clicking Add, a window will pop up. You can select whether to apply the newly added payment method to the existing promotions and bundle promotions. Please refer to this article for details.



After the setup, you can see the SHOPLINE Payments icon next to the payment method. Click Edit to modify, and click Unpublish to hide this payment method at the storefront.



2. Notes

  • After adding SHOPLINE Payments, it is suggested to place a test order to confirm whether the payment collection feature is working. You can click Refund Online in the Admin to refund after a successful credit card transaction payment.
  • To learn more about the relevant terms and business conditions of SHOPLINE Payments (HK) (e.g., payouts, funds transfer, etc.), please refer to the payment service terms.






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