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SHOPLINE has launched the "Promotional games" feature. Use promotional games to boost post interactions, thus increasing customer stickiness and traffic to your Facebook page/group and Instagram account.

This article will cover the following: 


1. Create promotional games (Lucky draw) 

Step 1

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [Post Sales] page, and click the Manage button on the right of "Promotional games". 



Step 2

Click Add Event.Screen_Shot_2022-10-03_at_9.08.04_AM.png


Step 3

Select a channel. Currently, this feature only supports Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and Instagram. 



Step 4

Select the event type. Currently, only Lucky Draw is available, and new promotional events are to be launched in the future. 


Step 5

Click the pencil icon on the right of the name to edit the promotional event name. 

*Note: This name is for internal use only.  



Step 6

Complete the basic settings. 

1. Lucky Draw Quota

2. Event Time: Select a time period, the system will only draw a winner from within this time period. 

As seen in the image below: The system will only capture the customer comments left between 2022-12-07 00:00 to 2022-12-13 23:59. 

If you activate the event later than the originally set event start time, the start time will be based on the enabled time. For example: If you set the event to start on 7 December, but the event is not activated until 14:00 on 7 December, the system will only capture customer comments after 14:00.


3. Prize (Optional): Select a gift, product, or discount. 


  • Gift: Click Select gift. Select one from the list of existing free gifts, or create a new free gift.  
  • Product: Click Select product. Select a product from the existing products, or create a new product. 
    *You can enter a product name into the search bar above to quickly search for products. 

  • Discount: Click Customer Discount, and enter the discount amount. 


Distribute prizes automatically: When you check this box, the system will automatically distribute the prize (Gift/ Product/ Discount) into the winner's cart. Please confirm that the prize inventory is higher than the Lucky Draw Quota to ensure all winners receive a gift. 



4. Eligibility (Optional): 

  • Comment specified text: The customer needs to comment with a specific keyword to join the lucky draw.
  • Tagged friends: When you check "Tag friends," the "Comment specified text" option will be checked by default. Customers will need to leave a comment with the specific text and tag a specific number of friends to join the lucky draw.
  • Left any comment and liked a post: Customers who have commented on a random text and clicked Like to the post can join the lucky draw.  
    *Note: If a customer took back a "Like", they will still be eligible to join the lucky draw. 
  • Left any comment and placed an order: Customers who have commented on a random text and have created an order through livestream or post sales can join the lucky draw.
    *Note: As long as the customer has placed an order before, regardless of whether it was placed during the campaign event or not, they will be able to join the lucky draw. 

A. If you have checked more than two conditions, the customer will need to meet all of them to join the lucky draw. 


B. Facebook Group/ Instagram Lucky Draw only supports the two "Comment specified text" and "Left any comment and placed an order" conditions. 

  • Facebook GroupScreen_Shot_2022-12-07_at_2.23.29_PM.png
  • Instagram



Step 7

Once you complete the message settings, you can also customize your messages. 

  • Announce the winners by leaving a comment: Once enabled, the system will automatically post the winner's information in the comment section. 
    *The way winner's are announced on a Facebook Page / Group and 
    Instagram differ slightly:
    Facebook Page / Group will tag the winner and reply comment.
    For example, "Congrats @Hannah on winning the prize 👏,
    please make sure to contact us for prize details."
    Instagram will only display the winner's name and not tag the winner.
    For example, "Congrats Hannah on winning the lucky draw👏,
    please make sure to contact us for the prize details."

  • Reply to the winner's comment: Once enabled, the system will automatically reply to the winner's comment.  

  • Private Message the Winners: Once enabled, the system will automatically private message the winners.
    *Note: Customers who have interacted with the page within the past 24 hours can receive a private message for winning the Facebook group lucky draw event. Customers who have not interacted with the page within the past 24 hours might be unable to receive the private message.

Step 8

A. Connect to existing posts

Connect to the post you would like to run the lucky draw with. 


B. Create new post

Click the Create post button to directly enter the post content and add images.

Once successfully created, the system will automatically connect with this lucky draw and post. 



  • One post can only connect with one lucky draw. When the lucky draw is finished, this post will be able to connect to other lucky draws.
  • Connecting a post with "Post Sales" and "Lucky Draw" at the same time is currently unavailable.
  • Customers need to complete the two-step authorization to participate in the lucky draw. It is recommended that you copy and paste the authorization guide to the post or the comments section to help customers complete the authorization and participate in the lucky draw.Screen_Shot_2022-12-07_at_3.26.19_PM.png
    [Coming Soon]
    Customers can participate in the event without authorization: If you do not set up additional lucky draw requirements, customers can leave a comment in the post to participate. Hence, the system will no longer provide the authorization guide.


If you need to schedule the publish time for a post, please select the "Schedule post publish time" option on the "Create post" pop-up window.


*Notes regarding post scheduling:

  • Currently, scheduling is only available for Facebook Page post salescomment sales, and lucky draw.
  • When creating a post, once you have inserted the content and scheduled the publish time, changing it to "Publish now" will clear the inserted content.
  • Once you have created a scheduled post, it will display a "Scheduled publish time" under the connected post. Once published, it will display "Connect Time."
  • Disconnecting the scheduled post will not delete the post simultaneously. Please proceed to Facebook to delete it.
  • Click the "Preview" button on the right to edit or publish the scheduled post. However, due to the limitation of Facebook, you are unable to change the scheduled publish time while editing the post.
  • To change the scheduled publish time, you can use the Planner on Meta Business Suite. In the post sales settings page, you need to preview the post and then refresh the page. The new scheduled publish time will appear under the connected post.
  • If you are viewing the post sales settings page when the post is published, it will display the "Published" prompt.


Once connected, click the Preview icon on the right to view the original post, disconnect, preview, or edit the post (Click Preview to edit the post content).

*Note: Instagram does not support editing posts.



Step 9 

Once you have completed the settings above, click the Save button at the top right. 



Step 10 

Click the Enable button at the top right, the customer will then be able to leave a comment within the event period and join the lucky draw. 


  • Please confirm that the connected post has already been published or scheduled.
  • Please confirm that you have included the event rules in the post, ensuring that customers can view and participate in the event.



2. Event statuses and management

The following explains each event's status and applicable actions:

Event Status  Description Edit Event Settings End Event Draw Now
Draft The event has not been enabled
Preparing The event has been enabled but has not begun
Ongoing The event is enabled and within the event time

1. Reached the end of the event period

2. Draw early

3. End event 

Whether you can draw a "Finished" event depends on whether the lucky draw has been drawn before the end of the event. 

For example,

1. The lucky draw event has ended, but the winner has not been drawn. Therefore, you can draw a winner manually. 

2. If you manually draw a winner before the end of the event, you will not be able to draw again.


3. Draw winner/ End event

A. Draw winner

Click the Draw Now button at the top right. 


  • When the event time is up, the system will not automatically draw a winner, you will need to draw a winner manually.  
  • Customers who leave a comment after the winner is drawn or the event is finished will not be able to join the lucky draw. 



The system will display a "Draw Result" list on the right. 

Click the Export button to export the winner list. Click the Contact Customer "bubble" icon to directly private message the customer. 

*Note: Facebook Group Post Sales currently does not support sending private messages to customers after the winner is drawn. 



B. End event

Click the End Event button at the top right.

*Note: Once you have you have ended an event, this event will immediately end and not draw a winner. 



4. Customer's view

If you have enabled the comments feature, when a customer wins a prize, the system will automatically announce the winner's information in the comments section. 

A. Announce the winner in the comments section



B. Announce the winner in the comment reply 



C. Private Message

If you set up a prize and checked to automatically distribute it, the system will send a cart link along with the private message to the winner.




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