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SHOPLINE's new Facebook Post Comment Sales feature allows you to post multiple product information and images in the comments section so customers can place orders with keyword comments. 

This article will cover the following: 


1. Set up Facebook Post Comment Sales

Step 1

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [Post Sales] and click Add New Sales Event



Step 2

In the "Select the type of sales event" section, select "Post Comment Sales."

*Note: The feature only supports creating Post Comment Sales on Facebook Pages and Groups; Instagram is currently not supported. 



Step 3

Enter the Post sales name, and select the keyword order setting.

*Note: This name is for internal use only.



Step 4

Click the "Choose goods" or "Add products" button to add products to the Post Comment Sales. 



Step 5 

Click the "Connect post" or "Create post" button to connect with an existing post or create a new post. 



Step 6

Completed the related setups: Schedule, Commodity Order Rules, Comments, and Message Setting. 



For detailed information regarding Step 4 ~ Step 6, please refer to Facebook Post Sales | Social Commerce.

Once setup is complete, you can preview your Post Comment Sales on the right. Post Comment Sales Content will automatically generate according to your selected products and keywords. 

*Note: The Post Comment Sales has to be enabled first for the system to create product comments. 



2. Enable Post Comment Sales 

Once you have confirmed product information and related settings, click the Enable button to start the event. 



A pop-up window will appear for you to confirm the status of the Facebook post; you can select whether or not to "Create product comment(s) under the post". 



A. If you select "Create product comment(s) under the post" 

In the enabled Post Comment Sales event, every product description will be automatically posted as an independent comment. 



When enabling the event, you can view the progress of the product comment generation. You can stop and re-create the product comment at any time. 

*Note: Adding or deleting product(s) is not supported while the comments are being created. 



B. If you do not select "Create product comment(s) under the post"  

You can still click Create product comments on the settings page later or manually add product information and order rules in the Facebook post comments section.



3. Customers place orders via comments 

After successfully enabling the Post Comment Sales, customers can place orders by replying "product keyword + quantity" under comments.



They can also comment directly on the post to place orders.



Customers will receive a message via Messenger where they can tap the shopping cart link directly to checkout.



4. Notes

  • If you remove a product in the Admin after enabling the Post Comment Sales and creating a product comment, the product comment in the Facebook post will not be deleted simultaneously. Please go to the Facebook post to delete the comment manually.
  • Since Facebook comments only support sending one image, the system will upload the first image if the product has multiple images. A default sample image will be uploaded if the product has no image. 


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