Payment Options Application and Settings (HK)


*Only support HKD stores/Hong Kong-based merchants using the Retail POS plan.

SHOPLINE has launched the SHOPLINE Payments POS payment options for retail stores! In this article, you will learn more about the POS payment options via SHOPLINE Payment, how to set up a POS payment option in the store Admin, and get the card terminal to collect payment. 


1. Before you start - Verify and activate SHOPLINE Payments

  • Before setting up your SHOPLINE Payments POS payment options, you are required to apply for SHOPLINE Payments POS and pass the basic and advanced verification review. You can set up SHOPLINE Payments payment options once you have passed the review and received the confirmation email.
  • If you have not yet applied for activating SHOPLINE Payments POS, please go to [Settings] > [Payment Options] in the Admin and click Activate now in the banner.

⚠️ Note: Only Hong Kong stores using Retail POS or e-Commerce + Retail POS plan are currently supported to apply for setting up your SHOPLINE Payments POS payment options. Individual applications are not available.



⚠️ Notes:

  • If you apply to activate SHOPLINE Payments POS Payment, SHOPLINE Payments for the online store will also be activated.
  • If you already have activated SHOPLINE Payments for the online store, you still need to apply for SHOPLINE Payments POS Payment separately in the POS tab in Payment Options.

To learn more about SHOPLINE Payments for the online store, please refer to the articles below:


2. Set up payment option

Step 1

After your SHOPLINE Payment advanced verification is approved, go to [Settings] > [Payment Options] in the Admin, select the POS tab, and click the Add button to add a payment option.



Step 2

  • Payment Type: Select SHOPLINE Payments POS payment method
  • SHOPLINE Payments POS payment method: Alipay(HK) and Credit Card
  • Payment fee: None, Percentage, and Fixed Amount
  • Condition of checkout amount:  Set up a checkout amount limitation for the SHOPLINE Payments POS payment option



Step 3

Enter the name for the custom payment option. You can also include instructions or upload JPG, PNG, and GIF images (smaller than 10 MB) in the "Drop Files Here" field to guide your customers.



3. Get a card payment terminal

Step 1

After completing the SHOPLINE Payments POS application and getting the advanced verification approved, go to the SHOPLINE Admin > [Retail Store] > [Terminal Management] and click Get Terminal.


*Note: You will see the reminder below if you have not activated the SHOPLINE Payments POS payment.


Step 2

After clicking Get Terminal, select the model and quantity of the card terminal. Currently, there are two models available - Adyen S1F2 and Adyen V400m.
Note: The "Billing Cycle" is fixed. The rental fee of the credit card machine is currently set to charge once a year.


Click on Terminal Information at the top right to view the specifications of the terminal model.

After confirming the card terminal model and quantity, click Next Step to continue.



Step 3

Confirm your business type, company name, email, and contact number.

Then, fill in the store information required to apply for the payment terminal.


  • You can only apply for one store at a time. Please submit multiple times if you need to apply payment terminals for more than one store.
  • All SHOPLINE Payments POS-related emails will be sent to the store's email which you leave on Store Information.



Enter the store operation address and upload photos of the store. Then click Submit


You will see a green prompt window showing "Application materials submitted successfully" to confirm your successful submission. 


Step 4

The review process takes about 1-3 working days. Meanwhile, click View details to check the review status and results on the Terminal Management page.




Step 5

Once your application is approved, the "Approved" and "Unpaid" tags will appear. Click View details to pay the bill by transfer.


Click Upload proof of payment on the right.

You will find the account information in the pop-up window. Please enter remarks when making the transfer to speed up your transaction verification. 


Enter the transfer amount and upload the proof of payment. Then click Confirm submission.

After submitting the proof of payment, please wait for confirmation. SHOPLINE will assign staff to contact you for payment terminal installation. 



4. SHOPLINE Payments transaction records

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Hello, OOO] > [SHOPLINE Payments Account] > [Transactions] to view the transaction store, terminal serial number, and transaction records. EN_8.png


Click View to see the transaction details and breakdown.



Or go back to the SHOPLINE Payments Account page, click on Export Statement, and select "Transactions." Then, click Apply to export the report.



5. Notes

  • If you need to connect your terminal to a Wi-Fi network, please make sure you have set an 8-digit (or more) password for your Wi-Fi router. Otherwise, the terminal will be unable to find your Wi-Fi.
  • The following situations will result in the failure of using the card payment terminal:
    • Failure in the SHOPLINE Payments POS application review
    • The payment option has not been set up
    • Failure in card payment terminal application




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