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*Only support HKD stores/Hong Kong-based merchants. 

Merchants using the SHOPLINE Payments service can easily confirm the status of order transactions through the interface. 


1. The interface

SHOPLINE Payments account has a separate management interface. Go to the Admin Panel, click the Hello, (Your name) at the top right corner, then click SHOPLINE Payments Account


In the tabs, you can view account details. There will be a button to export statements. 



2. Sub-pages


On the overview page, you can filter the payout records of the specified date or period. You can also view the account balance, next payout, and account verification status. 

A. Account Balance

The order income will be accumulated in the Account Balance after deducting the fees. The balance does not include the Next Payout.

B. Payout Policy

The account balance will be transferred to Next Payout on the 5th working day after the order has been placed, and the amount will be automatically credited to your registered bank account.

C. [Coming Soon] Reserve

A portion of the order income will be reserved according to the reserve rate and released to your registered bank account at the end of the reserve period. Both reserve rate and reserve period may vary from time to time according to your store's risk level.


Transaction record

On the Transactions sub-page, you can view all transactions received through SHOPLINE Payments, or filter for specific transaction records. 

A. Transaction no. or Customer's name

B. Transaction period

C. Gross/Net income

D. Transaction status


After filtering, you can click the Order No. to view the order details. 


Or click the View button or the Transaction No. to view order details. 




On the Statement sub-page, you can view all the inward transactions and refunds records in the SHOPLINE Payments account. Use the fields in the red bracket to filter out specified transaction records.

A. Past 7 days/Past 30 days 

B. Specified period

C. Transaction No.

D. Gross amount range


3. Statement export

Click Export Statement on the top right, and you will see a pop-up window showing options for generating monthly integrated statements and transaction records. 

Integrated Statement (Monthly): Including the end-of-month account balance and all transaction details. The statement is available on the first day of every month.


Transaction Records: Including different types of transaction details. A single report can cover up to 7 days of records. 


4. Add account balance

If the account balance is insufficient for the refund, you can top up the account balance through a bank transfer. 

Step 1

On the SHOPLINE Payments Account page, click Transfer In.



Step 2

Check the reason for adding account balance and click Next.



Step 3

Please make an offline transfer according to the bank information provided in the pop-up window. After the transfer is complete, click Transferred, upload the proof of bank transfer.

*Note: Click the ___2022-05-03___4.05.56.png icon on the right to copy the bank information.



Step 4

Enter the transfer amount and upload the proof of bank transfer. After confirming the correct information, click confirm submission.


The account top-up application will be successfully submitted. Click Understood to complete the process.







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