Verify Google Search Console and Submit Sitemap

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 "Google Search Console" is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status, looking for search traffic performance and optimize visibility of their websites.



Verify Google search Console

Step 1. Login Google Search Console 

Go to Google Search Console then sign in to your Gmail account.1.png


Step 2. Add your Store URL

Add a property by inputting your site's domain in "URL prefix" section, and click CONTINUE.EN_Step2.png


Step 3. Choose verify method

Go to "Other alternate methods" and click on HTML tag.3.png


Step 4. Copy HTML Tag

Click COPY and back to the SHOPLINE Admin panel. EN_Step4.png


Step 5. Paste content code

In the Admin panel [Settings] > [Basic Settings] > "Third Party Domain Tools" > "Google Search Console" and paste the tag. Keep only the characters and numbers between content="     ". Click Update to save the changes.EN_Step5.png


Step 6. Check out the Shop Status

After filling out "Google Search Console", please scroll up page to check out your "Shop Status". The Shop Status must be "Open", then you can complete the verification.

If it is "Closed", please change it into "Open", then click the "Update" button.



Step 7. Complete the verification

After we confirmed with you that the linking is done, just press the "VERIFY" button on this page and your site will already be added to your Google Search Console.

You should be able to see the following message upon successful linking of your new property on Google Search Console.EN_Step6.png



Submit Website Sitemap

Adding a sitemap can help search engines crawl through all your relevant pages and understand the path and structure of your site content. For more information regarding sitemaps, please visit this link.

When you build your store, SHOPLINE will automatically create a sitemap of your online store. Your sitemap will be  

Step 1. Go to Sitemaps setting page

Go to the main menu and choose the Sitemaps section under "Index".EN_Step6.png


Step 2. Fill in sitemap.xml

Fill in sitemap.xml into "Enter sitemap URL" then click SUBMIT.EN_Step7.png


After you successfully submitted a sitemap, you can check the status showing "Success".EN_Step8.png






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