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With the Smart Recommendation feature, merchants can customize the list of related products shown below each product to increase customer awareness, which can in turn stimulate sales growth. 

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1. Feature overview 

Smart Recommendation automatically generates recommended products based on the following 2 information: 

  • Customer's order records: Showing the products bought by customers when buying this product.
  • Product name; product description; product category: Other products that are most relevant to this product.EN1.png


2. Feature setup

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products & Categories] > [Products] and click Edit next to the product to be edited.

On the edit page, select the "Info" tab. Scroll down to Related Products to enable the Smart Recommendation feature.



3. Notes

  • Smart Recommendation generates a selection of related products based on the past shopping behavior of all customers.
  • To increase display variations, customers may view a different range of relevant products even browsing the same product page using the same browser.  
  • Recommendations are updated on a daily basis to help the Smart Recommendation algorithm learn from a customer's shopping habits and improve the related products generated (simultaneous update is not supported). 
  • Add-ons, Free Gifts, and out-of-stock products will NOT appear as related products.
  • Products that are sold out, hidden, or deleted will not be recommended (after a product is sold out or its availability status is changed, the system may take up to 30 hours to update the recommendation results).





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