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For stronger and more effective promotion of a selected product, you can add an Express Checkout Page. This will allow customers to view more product details and directly purchase the product on the same page. Premium Plan may have up to 10 different Express Checkout Pages at one time.

We'll cover these aspects in this article:



A. Features for Express Checkout Page

  • To greatly focus on promoting the selected product
    Merchants can greatly focus on promoting one product by using the Express Checkout Page and customize the page by organizing banners, images, videos, and texts with drag-and-drop. No need to create a complete shop, and you can sell the product right after you create the single page.


  • To provide customers an intuitive way to shop and buy products
    The Express Checkout Page includes the feature to browse the product and checkout on the same page. Customers can check the product details and then choose the variations, quantity, delivery, and payment options to checkout without being redirected to another page. The Express Checkout Page provides customers a more intuitive way to shop and buy products at your shop!


  • Individual Shopping Cart
    There are individual shopping carts for every Express Checkout Page, so that customers would only see the product(s) he/she wants to buy in the shopping cart and allow the customer to checkout immediately. If customers shop and add products other than those in the Express Checkout Page to your shop’s shopping cart, the items will not appear in this shopping cart.
    We also hid the header, footer, and menu bar to prevent users from being redirected to other pages in order to focus on the product you want to promote.



  • You have to create the Main Product first
    The main product can be used in more than one Express Checkout Page, and the Express Checkout Page would be available only if the product is published, the price is not hidden or 0, and have sufficient inventory. All the product settings will be the same as the normal main product in-store, and can only be edited on the Product Edit Page.
  • Add-on items are not yet supported
    The main purpose of the Express Checkout Page is to promote one selected product only. Even if the main product originally has linked an add-on item, the add-on item would not be rendered in the Express Checkout Page.
  • Share and use the same shop promotions
    Customers can enjoy the discount and free shipping promotions in-store when shopping through the Express Checkout Page.

Check out our demo store to learn more!



B. Steps for setting up an Express Checkout Page

Step 1: Create an Express Checkout Page

Click the "Express Checkout Pages" tab on the left bar > Click "Create" to add an Express Checkout Page. You can edit, unpublish, and delete the page here.

Remarks: If you delete the page, the page will no longer exist in your shop



Step 2: Select a product 

You can only choose one product for each express checkout page. If you need to update product-related information, please go to "Products and Categories" > “My Products” and edit it.

If there's more than one variation and pricing for the selected product, the system will show the lowest price in the storefront.
If the product is unpublished itself, it will show the 404 not found page in the storefront.
If there's not enough stock, the price is hidden, no price is filled in, or the price is equal to 0, then the customer cannot buy the product on Express Checkout Page.


 Step 3: Edit the Express Checkout Page

After you select the product, it will automatically render a template with "product section" and "checkout section" in the edit zone:

The "product section" includes product name, price (the lowest price), "Buy Now" button;
The "checkout section" includes a shopping cart, delivery, and payment method with the "Buy Now" button at button.

You can add new widgets above and under the dotted line of the "product section", such as text, image and video, just like how you do in "Advanced Page". For further information, please refer to the Advanced Page FAQ.

Remarks: Express Checkout Page is tailored for promoting one single product only, therefore you won't be able to add "Single Product" or "Category" widgets in this page.



If there are multiple variants, you can set up "Cart Settings >Show All Variations" for selected pages. After you enable the feature, customers can see and buy multiple variant products in one go.



Step 4: Customize the page title, SEO settings, and check the page

For stronger and more effective promotion of a selected product, you can update page title and SEO settings to attract more customers to your page. After saving the page, you can choose to "Preview" the page.




Step 5: Setup Completed!

Click "View Page" to browse the Express Checkout Page. You can use your Facebook Page, LINE@, or any online channel to promote and sell the product.







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