Related Product Customization

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Merchants can customize "Related Products" shown below each product to increase customers' awareness, which in return, stimulate sales growth. Here's how. 


Step 1. Set Related Products Display Mode

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products & Categories] > [Products]. Click the Edit button next to the product, go to the Info tab, scroll down and click the arrow next to the "Related Products" section. Select Custom to set up the related products displays in the pop-up window (Step 2).

  • Smart Recommendation: Show related products with a high association to product detail and sales record. Please refer to Smart Recommendation for details.
    • Customer's order records: Showing the products bought by customers when buying this product.
    • Product name; product description; product category: Other products that are most relevant to this product.
  • Custom: Merchants can choose up to 4 related products. If you only select 1-3 products, only the selected products will appear.
  • Display none: No related product will be shown



Step 2. Search Products

In the pop-up window, you can select at most 4 related products.

You may search the products by product keywords or SKU.



Step 3. Choose Related Products

Select at most 4 related products and click Add to Selected products. Click Remove to remove it from the list. You can drag the image in the selected product range to arrange the order. Then click Save in the pop-up window and click Update on the Product Edit


Related products will be shown at your storefront accordingly, as shown below:___2021-08-09___7.06.03.png






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