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SHOPLINE's Smart OMO is the ultimate solution to integrate online shopping and offline service. It breaks the limit between devices, provides customers with a more integrated shopping experience, and allows merchants to capture clear information of customers, all of which benefit from the arrangement of push notifications, promotions, and campaigns.

It provides members with a good shopping experience and is an essential promoter of high-quality services offered by stores and staff. From the moment a customer steps into a retail store, Smart OMO helps you obtain customer information, making subsequent face-to-face customer services and online shopping guides more effective.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Install the app

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Apps] > [Apps Store]. Select Smart OMO and click Contact us button at the top right of the page. The Online Merchant Success Team will assist you with the installation process.



2. Add Smart OMO app to device

Step 1

You will find the link to Smart OMO in the "About" section on the app page. Please open the link with different browsers according to the device you are using:

  • Safari: iPhone, iPad
  • Google Chrome: Android phone, Android tablet, Windows computer, Mac computer


Step 2

Open the Smart OMO app and log in using the account and password of the staff members or the store owner.



Step 3

A. Safari

At the top right of the browser, tap the Share button > Add to Home Screen.



Tap Add.



The Smart OMO app will appear on your Home Screen.



B. Google Chrome

Click the "Install Smart OMO" button on the right of the address bar.



Click Install



The downloaded and installed application will be added to the application library.



3. Login & switch users

Open the Smart OMO app and log in using the account and password of the staff members or the owner.



If you have activated two-factor authentication, please enter the 6-digit code in the email.



Step 2

Select store to log in.



Step 3

Select the staff and enter the PIN.


  • It is recommended that you set an exclusive PIN for each staff. Thus, you can bind staff referrals for customers. Staff referral can be seen as staff's sales performance or the proof for customers to request follow-up service. For more details, please refer to this article.
  • If you need to log a user out on other devices, you can contact SHOPLINE's Online Merchant Success Team to log the user out.



Switch user

Tap on the upper bar to switch between users and stores.



3. Login and switch users 

  • Smart OMO supports two-factor login to secure the safety of your account.
  • In case the screen goes completely blank or cannot be operated during the operation process, please log out and log in again or close the app and re-open it.
  • The default language of Smart OMO is Traditional Chinese. You can switch the language after clicking on the app. Tap [Settings] > [Language] at the bottom left to switch languages. Currently, three languages are supported: English, Chinese (Traditional), and Chinese (Simplified).


After the installation is complete, please refer to the articles Member Search & Registration for follow-up operation instructions.



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