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SHOPLINE supports customers in using "Third-party service" for payment. The corresponding service provider settles this transaction, and the transaction amount will not be credited to the SHOPLINE Payments account.

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1. Introduction

Q1: What is "third-party service"?

"Third-party service" is a one-stop account opening service provided by SHOPLINE Payments. Due to local financial regulations, the funds of some payment methods cannot be settled directly through SHOPLINE Payments, and the settlement can only be completed through the payment method's cash flow.

Q2: How will consolidated statements and transaction details for third-party service transactions be provided?

Once the transaction is completed and after the settlement period specified by each service provider, the third-party service provider will provide comprehensive statements and transaction details to the merchants through email or back-end systems for reconciliation.

Q3: What payment methods are currently offered by third parties on SHOPLINE Payments?

Different regions vary. Currently, the payment method services provided by third-party services are as follows:

2. How to view transactions via third-party service

There are two ways to view your transactions:

  • Go to the Admin, click [Hello, (Your name)] > [SHOPLINE Payments Accounts].
  • Click [Settings] > [Payments Options] on the left menu in the Admin, then click the blue View SHOPLINE Payments account button.



A. Transaction

Click on the Transactions tab and select Third-party service in the "Transaction Type" drop-down menu.



You will find all transactions using the third-party service. You can also confirm this by swiping the page to the right and viewing the transaction type. 



B. Transaction details

Click on a transaction that is done via a third-party service. On the Transaction Details page, you will find Transaction Time, Transaction Breakdown, and Transaction Information.

The difference between transactions done via third-party service and SHOPLINE Payments is that the "Fees" field will not appear under the "Transaction Breakdown."

*Note: Since the handling fee is charged by the third-party service, the handling fee is subject to the statement or transaction details provided by the third-party service.



In the "Transaction Information" on the right, you will find:

  • Payment Method: The name of the third-party service
  • Payee: A fixed statement "Third-party service account for this transaction."



3. Notes

In case you have any questions about the transaction or paying in/out of a third-party service, please contact the corresponding service provider for assistance:

  • If you are based in Singapore: Atome SG






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