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*Only support TWD stores/Taiwan-based merchants.

SHOPLINE has launched JKOPay in SHOPLINE Payments to assist you in running your business and collecting payments more smoothly. This article will instruct how to set up JKOPay under SHOPLINE Payments in the store Admin.


1. Setting up JKOPay in Admin

⚠️ Before you start: If your SHOPLINE Payments account
has not completed the reviews yet,
please see this article
(currently available in Traditional Chinese)

Step 1

In the desktop version, click [SHOPLINE Payments Account] Payment Management, then click the Apply button in the JKOPay section.



Step 2

The JKOPay is set to be not activated by default. Please enter the correct JKOPay Store_ID and click Apply for activation. You can change the ID or cancel using JKOPay later.


Click Confirm to activate JKOPay.

If your store has passed the SHOPLINE Payments preview, you can go to Step 3 to continue setting up. Please wait for the result if your store has not passed the review.



⚠️Note: Before the activation, please make sure you have registered JKOPay and obtain the exclusive Store_ID for SHOPLINE Payments (You are also required to enter the business code SP0000).



How to obtain the SHOPLINE Payment exclusive JKOPay Store_ID?

  • If you have not obtained the exclusive Store ID yet, you need to register a new Store_ID first.
  • Please fill out this form if you already use JKOPay (already have a Store_ID not applied through SHOPLINE). JKO will contact you later to issue a new Store_ID.
  • JKO's review takes about 3 to 5 business days. Please pay attention to your email after you submit your application.


Step 3

Go to [Settings] > [Payment Options] in the Admin. Click Add to add a new payment option.



Step 4

Select SHOPLINE Payments for the payment type, and select JKOPay for the SHOPLINE Payments method.

*Note: In accordance with the regulations of Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission, online stores must not charge payment fees (additional fees) when setting one-time credit card payment methods, including JKOPay.



Step 5

We suggest you fill in the Payment Instructions. You can also upload JPG, PNG, and GIF images (smaller than 10 MB) in the "Drop Files Here" field. Check the box "Display these instructions on the checkout page" so that your customers can see this when checking out.



Step 6

Select the delivery option(s) to be excluded from this payment method. Click Add at the bottom right to update. 



Step 7

After clicking "Add," a reminder window will pop up. Please decide whether you wish to apply this payment method to all ongoing promotions and campaigns.


Click OK, and the option "JKOPay" will appear on the list. 



2. Customer checkout flow

Step 1

When customers place an order in the "Payment Method" field, they can select "JKOPay".



Step 2

After confirming checkout, customers will see "JKOPay" as their Selected Payment Method in the Payment Detail. After clicking Complete order, the customer will be redirected to JKOPay to scan the payment QR Code.


A. Web version (Pay in Browser)

If customers checkout with the desktop version, they will find the page as shown below. They need to scan the QR Code to pay with the JKOPay mobile app.



B. Mobile version

If customers checkout with the mobile version, their mobile will jump to the JKOPay app showing the page below:



Step 3

After confirming the payment details on the app, they will see the successful payment page.



The online store will jump to the confirmation page after successful payment.



3. Order details and refund

A. Order details

To view the payment details, go to the Admin Panel > [Order Management] > [Order]. Click on the order you wish to view, and scroll down to the "Payment details" section.



B. Initiate refund

To issue a refund, go to the Admin Panel > [Order Management] > [Order]. Click on the order you wish to refund, scroll down to "Payment details," and click Refund


Enter the refund amount and remarks in the pop-up window, then click Next


Confirm the refund details, then click Refund



4. Notes

  • The transaction timeout of JKOPay is 20 minutes. Although customers can scan the QR Code, a page showing payment failure (付款失敗-付款連結已過期) will appear when confirming the payment on the JKOPay app.
  • JKOPay disbursement cycle
    • The disbursement cycle is monthly by default. Disbursements will be executed on the 1st of the next month, and funds will be credited on the 2nd of the following month (or the next business day should it fall on a holiday).
      • If you wish to change the disbursement cycle, please go to [街口店家管理後台(JKO Admin)] > [財務管理(Financial Management)] > [請款週期設定(Disbursement Cycle Settings)]. You can set your disbursement cycle as daily, every 5 days, every 10 days, or monthly. If your account balance is insufficient for the refund, the refund will be declined. It is suggested that you set a "monthly" disbursement cycle.
      • $5 processing fee per disbursement.
      • On the last day of every month, JKOPay issues an invoice for the processing fees derived from the disbursements of the month. For example, if you set to disburse the funds every month, you will receive an invoice for the processing fee at the end of the next month.
  • Transaction limit: Subjected to JKOPay. This will appear in the payment result on the JKOPay app.
    • Credit card transaction limit: Unlimited
    •  JKOPay account transaction limit: If the customer's JKOPay account amount is less than the order amount, the checkout cannot be completed on the JKOPay app.
      *Remarks: The monthly transaction limit of JKOPay members is $300,000
      (ref. JKOPay official FAQ)
      There is no limit to single JKOPay transactions, but
      there is a limit according to the payment method
      used by customers on the JKOPay app.






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