Apple iOS Developer Account Invitation


Since individual or sole proprietorship developer accounts cannot add team collaborators, only company/ organization developer accounts can authorize "administrator" permissions to launch apps.


Company/ organization developer account

Send an invitation to invite SHOPLINE to your Apple developer account (organizational account).


Step 1

Proceed to this page and use your Apple Developer Account to log in. 



Step 2

In "App Store Connect", click Users and Access Rights



Step 3

Click the + button as shown below. 



Step 4

Fill in the dialogue window on the screen with the details described below:

  • First Name: SHOPLINE
  • Last Name: Team
  • Email:

Make sure you select the role as Admin and click Invite.


Once the Apple developer account is set up, we will upload the app within 3-5 business days. Apple takes approximately 7 business days to approve the app in the App Store.


Step 5

Complete the steps above and proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Mobile App Management] > [App Publish Settings] > [App Store developer account authorization] and enter your App Developer Team Name. Once that is complete, click Save



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