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With SHOPLINE's "Custom Shipping Labels" feature, merchants can generate a separate page to preview printable shipping labels. The app page would create the delivery label based on a template preset by merchants. 

  • This feature is currently available for merchants in Thailand.
  • To apply for this feature, please contact our Online Merchant Success Team. 

In this article, you'll find:


1. Set up a template

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Apps] > [My Apps] and open the App Custom Shipping Labels.


On the App page, click the Setting button to set up a template. 



Step 2. Set up a template

i. Sender Information 

Enter your sending address and contact phone number. 



ii. Layout

Fill in the sender information and set up the layout of the label. You can select the paper size, label size, printout, and language for the shipping label.

Click Save to save all the settings for future use.


  • If you use a thermal printer for shipping labels, please select A5 paper size. 
  • The language option is for the language of the data headings. 


You can also use the Advanced Setting to customize the label. Click the top right hyperlink in the “Layout” section to view the settings in a pop-up window.


To design the label template, click to expand the drop-down menu, and add the variables listed below:





This variable will either take the system order number or the merchant order number (if applicable)


The system-generated order number


Merchant order number (if applicable)


The “Order Remark” input by the customers during checkout


Price with currency. e.g. HKD$69.0


The “Delivery Remark” entered on the Order details page in the Admin. Click here to learn more about “Delivery Remark”.

Note: The length of the delivery remark currently supports at most 3 lines of characters.


An example of using the variables in the shipping label is as follows:


Click Confirm to save the settings.


2. Generate shipping labels in PDF format

Step 1. Export order report

On the App page, click Go to Orders to direct to the Order page ([Order Management] > [Orders] in the Admin). 



You can either check the boxes next to the order manually or batch select the orders (Please refer to this FAQ for more details about exporting order documents).


and select Export Order Report.



You can select to export order reports of the current page, in a date range, or of the selected orders.



  • The Order Number is selected by default for generating the shipping label.
  • Checking other fields (e.g. Delivery Remark) to customize the order report will not affect the shipping label with variables.


Click Export and receive the report in the mailbox, or download it from [Report & Analytics] > [Bulk Action Process].



Step 2. Import order report to generate shipping labels

To modify the label settings, click Setting

You can drop the report excel file to the "Drop Files Here" box, then click Generate Label

Note: Currently a maximum of 100 labels (i.e. order entries) can be uploaded at a time.



Step 3. Download the shipping label

A green prompt box will appear after importing the report file. The generating process might take a few minutes. 



You will receive an email for downloading the shipping labels in PDF format.




[Coming Soon] Download labels on the web

You can download the shipment labels straight from the web to optimize process flow. 

  • On the PDF Generator page, click Drop File Here to upload the order report. 
  • Once the order report has been uploaded, a system message will pop up to indicate how many shipping labels have successfully/failed to upload.

You might encounter a case of partial success like the image shown below. This may be due to an invalid entry. You will still be able to generate shipping labels with the orders that were successfully uploaded.  


If the entire order report fails to upload, a red reminder box will appear as shown in the image below. This may be because the order report uploaded was in incorrect formatting. In this case, repeat Step 1 to export the order report and try again.


Once the order report has successfully uploaded, a green box will appear with the note “Orders are successfully uploaded”. You can then proceed to generate labels.


By then, shipping labels are ready to export and you can do so by clicking
Generate Label

Once the labels have been exported, a new tab will appear containing exported labels. At the same time, you will receive the same copy via email.



3. Notes

  • If you receive an email with the title "Download PDF from PDF Generator (Partial completion)", it means there is an invalid entry in the order report. Please check and modify the order report entries and import the report to the App again. 
  • You can only upload files in Excel format.
  • The excel file can only contain up to 100 order records (counted by unique order id). 
  • You can only export labels for registered stores. 
  • The download link to the exported shipping label sent to your email will expire in 7 days. Please act on it in a timely manner.


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