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*Please note: To set up subscription products and use features such as subscription order reminders, merchants will need the Customization module and related add-ons. For more information and details on pricing, please contact our Merchant Success team. 

For customers that have long-term subscriptions for one of your store's products, creating a subscription product allows them to check out just once and then pay for and receive the subscription product at fixed intervals. With the Subscription Order Reminder feature, merchants can remind customers of the upcoming delivery of their subscription via email, SMS, or both. 

1. Check your plan 

First, check your store’s plan/modules by clicking on [Hello ____] in the top right-hand corner of SHOPLINE Admin, then clicking [My Subscription & Billing] from the dropdown menu. 

  1. If you see the page as below, with the headings “Plan” and “Modules”, check to see if you have both an e-Commerce plan, and the Customization module. If you have these, please skip to: 2. How to set up subscription order reminder notifications checkyourplan1.jpg
  2. If you see a page as below, check the “Plan” column to see if you have one of the following: Cross-border; O2O; EnterpriseCheckyourplan2.jpg
    If you have an eligible plan and/or the correct modules, go to [Apps] > [App Store] and install the feature.   

2. How to set up subscription order reminder notifications 

Step 1. 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Custom Notification]. Go to the “Order” tab, and click on the [Edit] button next to “Subscription Order Reminder Notification”.


Step 2. 

On the following page, merchants can edit the header & footer of their subscription order reminder notification email, as well as format the text and add hyperlinks. 



*Please note: It is not currently possible to edit any of the content for SMS notifications. 


Step 3. 

Set a time and choose a message type for the reminder notification: 

  • Details: Enter the number of days before a subscription order is created for the notification to be sent. Merchants can customize the number of days between 1 and 30 days. 
  • Settings: Use the toggle switches to choose whether to send notifications by email, SMS, or both. 

Example: If the notification is set so that it is sent 5 days before a subscription order is created, and the order is scheduled to be created on 2021/7/15, then the notification will be sent at 12:00 p.m. on 2021/7/10. 

*Please note: The notification send-out time will be set according to the timezone of the country/region your store is based in. 


 *Please note: 

  • SMS and email notifications will be sent out at 12:00 p.m. on the scheduled date. 
  • The fee for SMS notifications will be calculated according to the total character count of a message (including variables such as product names, website links, etc). 
  • SHOPLINE will charge merchants based on monthly “SMS Report” totals. To view and/or download an SMS Report for a specific month, in SHOPLINE Admin go to [Reports & Analytics] > [Report Export] > [SMS Report]. Charges for Subscription Order Reminder Notification SMSs will be itemized under “Order Notifications”. 


3. Example notifications 


Heading: [Store name] Remember your next subscription order is going to be created at {YYYY-MM-DD}

Message content: 

  • Subscription Product
    {Subscription Product Name}
  • Next Order Creation Time
  • Subscription
    {Subscription} Subscription
  • Subscription Cycle
    {Subscription Cycle} days
  • If you have questions about your subscription order, please login and contact kingsman via the below link. If you have not set up your account, please click "forget password" to retrieve your account

Order details: 

Shop name; ordering customer; customer phone, sex, date of birth; custom fields; payment method; payment instructions; delivery method; delivery address; recipient phone. 

Order details:


Example message: 




Remember your next subscription order for {subscription_product_name} is going to be created on {YYYY-MM-DD} at {shop_name}. {shop_url}

Example message: 


4. Notes 

  • Merchants must have the Product Subscription feature to send notifications.
  • Both SMS and email notifications will be sent at 12:00 p.m. on the scheduled date. 
  • Merchants will be charged a monthly fee for SMS notifications if enabled. SMS notifications can contain a maximum of 170 characters if using Latin script only, or 70 characters if using a mix of Chinese and Latin characters (including system text). If a message goes above this limit, an additional message will be sent containing the excess characters.   




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