Product Subscription Promotions

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*Note: The Product Subscription is an additional paid module. Please contact the Online Merchant Success team for more information and pricing details.

You can add freebies or discounts to your product subscriptions as an incentive for long-term subscriptions and increase customer retention. The following will explain how to set up a recurring purchase offer.


This article will cover the following:


1. How to add a product subscription promotion

Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Product Subscription Promotions]. Click Add promotion to start the setup.


  • If you have never set up a product subscription, please refer to Product Subscription.
  • The existing product subscription gifts appear under the name of "Subscription Gift" in the "In Progress" status in the list.



Step 2

After clicking Add promotion, please enter the promotions, the valid condition, and select the subscription product and promotion period.

A. Promotion name

The name will appear on the checkout page. You can choose to fill in only one language. 



B. Valid condition

  • No. of subscription unspecified
    Promotions are available for any number of subscriptions, including the first subscription. You can set up the promotion time but cannot add any benefit & condition tier.

  • When the product meets a specific no. of subscription
    You can set up a maximum of 10 benefits & condition tiers. The benefit condition of each tier has to be better than the previous tier. For example, get 1 free gift for the second subscription cycle; get 2 free gifts for the fifth subscription cycle, etc.

  • ⚠️ Note: The benefits & condition tiers do not currently support mixing benefit types. Once one of them is selected, the subsequent tiers will be of the same discount type. 

  • Benefit type
    There are three types of discounts: discount %, discount amount, and free gift. You can only select specific subscription products if you choose discount % or discount amount. The option for "All subscription products" is not available.


C. Select subscription products

If you select the free gift as a benefit type, you can apply the promotion to all subscription products.


If you select discount % or discount amount as the benefit type, you can only apply the promotion to specific products. The option for "all subscription products" will not appear.



D. Promotion period

The "promotion period" section will appear only when you apply the promotion to the unspecified number of subscriptions. You can set the promotion never to expire. Finally, click the Save button to complete the settings.



2. Views at the storefront

A. Product details page

On the product details page of a subscription product, the product subscription promotion content will be displayed.



B. Checkout page

If the product added to the shopping cart is eligible for the product subscription promotion, the "Product Subscription Promotion" label and the promotion name will appear in the "Promotions" section and "Applied Promotions."



3. Notes

  • When adding a product subscription promotion, if the selected product or the promotion period overlaps with the ongoing product subscription promotion, the system will show a reminder in red. You are required to remove the product or change the time to save the setup. 


  • Please DO NOT set the Product Subscription Promotion (amount) the same as the entire total amount of the Product Subscription order. For example, if the regular subscription product is priced at NT$500, avoid setting the product subscription promotion amount to NT$500. Doing so would result in the total order amount being reduced to 0, and the checkout of the first subscription or the subsequent subscriptions (child orders) will NOT be completed.





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