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SHOPLINE Live's Bidding promotion feature for Facebook Live allows merchants to auction off a product by letting viewers bid against each other, increasing audience engagement and providing a boost to sales. 

*Please note: This feature is only available for use with Facebook Live-linked livestreams. 

This article will cover the following: 


1. How to create a Facebook Live bidding promotion  

Step 1. 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live] and add a new Facebook-linked livestream. For more detailed instructions on how to add a new livestream, please see: SHOPLINE Live | Facebook Live with Stream Shopping Tool


Step 2. 

Enter the livestream you have just created and click on [Event] in the top left-hand side. 2.png

On the event page, click [Add]. 


Step 3. 

Select [Bidding promotion] from the pop-up window. 


Step 4. 

Enter the event name, product name, winning quota, starting bid price, highest bid price, and how long the event will run for. Once you have completed these settings, click [Next]. 

*Please note: 

  • The highest bid price cannot exceed 9 figures. 
  • If the "Event Time" field is left blank you will need to end the event manually. 


Step 5. 

Enter the start, end, and winner announcement messages, as well as a private message to be sent to the customer with the winning bid. Each message can be up to 400 characters long. The default messages will be used if these fields are left blank. Once you are happy with your settings, click [Create].  

  1. Event start message  
  2. Event end message 
  3. Announce winner's information 
  4. Winning private message 


*Click on the arrow next to [Available Parameters] to expand the list of parameters that can be copied and pasted into the event message fields. 
Example: You can copy and paste parameters such as "Event Title"; ""Event Time"; "Product name" etc. and then use them to write your own custom messages that will be displayed during an event. 


Step 6. 

After adding a new event, it will be added to the list of already created events for your livestream. Click on the [+] button next to an event on the list to a see a preview of the event messages. 


Merchants can click on the three dots next an event to edit or delete an event.  


Step 7. 

After starting your livestream by clicking [Connect to Facebook Live], click on the [GO] button next to an event to start the event. 


Once you have started an event, a green confirmation message will appear in the top-right hand side of the window. The status indicator next to an event will now say [Ongoing] to show that the system is automatically recording customer bids.



2. Bidding during a livestream

A comment announcing the start of the event will be posted on your Facebook Live livestream automatically. If a customer places a bid that is within the upper and lower limits of the auction, then the system will automatically record the bid time and bid amount. The winning bid will also be announced once the event has finished.  

*Please note: Bids must use numbers only. The system does not currently support recognition of special characters and words for bids. 

SHOPLINE Live display


During a livestream, merchants can click on the "Announce event" button to post a comment promoting the ongoing event.  


If you have set an end-time for an event, the end time plus a countdown clock will be displayed at the bottom of the "Event info" section.


Facebook Live livestream display


3. Event end & winning bid announcement

Ending an event 

Merchants can click on the "Announce the winner" button to end an event immediately, or wait until the event's fixed end-time (if it has one) for the event to end automatically. 


SHOPLINE Live display

When an event ends and the winner is announced, the winning bid amount and winning bidder will be recorded automatically. The item that is being bid for will also be added to the winning bidder's cart.

*Please note: If two bidders bid the same winning amount, the bidder that bid first will be the winner of the auction. 


Merchants can view a full list of all bidders by expanding the "Winner Information" section and clicking on [View all bidders]. Merchants can then add the product being bid for to the carts of unsuccessful bidders by clicking on the cart icon next to a bidder's name. 


*Please note: The winning bid will be displayed in Comment Management for easy identification of the winning bidder. 



Facebook Live display 


When the event ends and the system places the product into the cart of the winning bidder, the winning bidder will receive a message via Facebook Messenger. The message contains a checkout button that the winning bidder can click on to check out. 


A product and product price will be created from the product name used in the event and the winning bid price. 



4. Notes 

  • The Bidding promotion feature is currently only available for use with Facebook Live-linked livestreams.
  • Bidding promotions are bound to a Facebook Page username. For more information, please see: User Profile API (Facebook) 
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