Email Verification for Sign Up


In order to minimize the chance that users are using the email which is not their email address actually to make orders, you can turn on the toggle in Admin > Customer Settings which will send email to users for verification.

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In this article we will introduce:


A. Email Verification Control in Admin

If you want to send verification email to users, you can turn on toggle - "Send Verification Email When Register". Then another toggle - "Verification is required before login" will be pop-up, which is default as off. This toggle controls different email verification flows:

If it is turned OFF, customers are not required to complete the verification process before they can log in and place order; or else, verification is required to complete for the email address.



B. Email Verification Flows 

Flow 1. Email Verification is Not Required before Login


Step 1: Users sign up with email



Step 2:

Redirects users to home page with auto-login, and the verification status of the account is unverified, which is displayed in member centre and Admin > Customer List.




Meanwhile, users receive verification email and has to verify within 24 hours.



Step 3:

When click on verification button in the email, the account is being verified and the status is changed to "Verified".




Note: If change email address in member centre, the email address will be updated immediately and users can use the new email to login. New verification email is sent to users as well.


Flow 2. Email Verification is Required before Login


Step 1: Users sign up with email

Step 2:

Redirects users to Registration Complete page. Meanwhile, users receive verification email and has to verify within 24 hours. If users did not receive the email, they can resend one in this page.



Step 3:

When click on verification button in the email, the account is being verified and the status is changed to "Verified" in member centre and admin > Customer List.

Note: If change email address in member centre, new verification email is sent, but the new email has not been updated yet and is not allowed to use new email to login until it is verified.

The verification link is only valid for 24 hours. If it is expired, it will redirect users to Invalid page. Users have to input their email address and resend a new one to them.




C. Email Verification in Other Flows

  • For Bulk Import/Register through Checkout

Reset password email is used as email verification, so the verification status will be updated to "Verified" after reset password.

  • For Mobile/Quick Sign Up

Email verification status is unverified until adding the email address for the account & go through the verification process.

  • For Facebook Sign Up

Verification status is "Verified" when sign up with Facebook .


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