Set Up Google reCAPTCHA on Sign Up Page

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To prevent any bots or malicious intent registrations that may affect your store operation, SHOPLINE has launched the Google reCAPTCHA verification setting feature to block any malicious registrations, please refer to the following description regarding robot verification service setup. 


This article will cover the following: 


1. Apply Google reCAPTCHA

Step 1

First off, click this link to apply.

Field description:

  • Label: Use a title that is easy to identify the site with in the future. EX: register page.
  • reCAPTCHA type: Check "reCAPTCHA" v2 and "Invisible reCAPTCHA v2 Badge".
  • Domain: Your store domain. You do not need to include the "https://" in front of the domain.
    EX:,,, and etc.

Once you have filled out the fields, please remember to accept the reCAPTCHA terms of service, and then click SUBMIT.


Step 2

Once you have successfully applied for the google reCAPTCHA, click "COPY SITE KEY" and "COPY SECRET KEY" to copy and paste the information into the corresponding fields in SHOPLINE Admin. At last, click GO TO ANALYTICS to complete the setup. 



2. The Admin setup

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Customer Settings] and click on the toggle to the right of "Google reCAPTCHA". 

  • Site key: Paste the Site key number in reCAPTCHA
  • Secret key: Paste the Secret key number in reCAPTCHA

Once you have entered the site key/secret key, remember to click the Update button at the bottom. 


If your store uses the "Mobile registration" feature, even if you do not enable the "Google reCAPTCHA verification settings", the system will still use the SHOPLINE Google reCAPTCHA account to perform robot verification when SMS verification is triggered on the mobile registration page.


The protection scope of SHOPLINE Google reCAPTCHA account is limited to "triggered SMS" (for example: when you are registering for membership through a mobile phone when you forget your password, the system will send a verification code). If you do not install reCAPTCHA yourself, the email registration and checkout process will not be protected.

Therefore, it is still recommended that you apply for a Google reCAPTCHA yourself and complete the settings in the Admin of the online store.


3. Storefront membership registration verification page

After you finish setting up google reCAPTCHA in SHOPLINE Admin, our system will determine if the user is a potential bot. If this is the case, there will be a reCAPTCHA verification at the sign-up page; thus, most of the normal registers would not see this when they sign up.

Google reCAPTCHA verification failed scenario: 

  • When merchants use their own Google reCAPTCHA account: Image verification will show up. _____2018-12-05___6.56.41.png

  • When merchants use the SHOPLINE Google reCAPTCHA account: a checkbox or a checkbox along with a visual verification will show up.


Once setup is complete, we suggest that you can try to sign up with a testing email.

  • Signup successful:  This means no problems occurred during setup.
  • No response when you click to sign up: Please follow the instructions in this article to restart the setup process.
  • The verification screen did not show up: This means Google has determined your sign-up information is correct, therefore no further verification is required.

*Remark: As this service is provided by Google, regions with limited access to Google may face issues of sign-up failure when this feature is enabled.






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