Create Add-on Items

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Add-on items amount that you can create on the shop in:

  • e-Commerce / Social Commerce / Advanced Plan: 10 items
  • Promotions module / Premium Plan: Unlimited

This article covers:


1. Functions of add-on items

  • Creating a discount combo of product and add-on item

Add-on Items is one of the effective ways to boost up your sales. You can assign at most 5 add-on items to one main product. 

  • Set customer purchase restrictions

You can decide to set up limitations for add-on items. Unlimited add-on items setting is suitable for items with a low price and a larger inventory.

    • Limitation ON: Customers can buy add-on items together with the main product but the number of add-on items cannot be more than the quantity of the main product.
      (Note: only applicable on product-level add-on items. Add-on items to the shopping cart are not restricted)
    • Limitation OFF: Customer needs to purchase a least one main product for purchasing an unlimited amount of add-on items (with the upper limit from the inventory)
  • Excluded from any store discount

As an add-on item is already a discounted item, it cannot be further discounted.


2. Create add-on items

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products and Categories] > [Add-ons].

You can set the quality limit for add-on items shown on the top left corner of the page. 

You can also switch the toggle for the add-on item quantity limitation here.



Step 2

Click Add to add an add-on item.



Step 3

A. Add a new add-on item

Similar to creating an ordinary product, input the item name and image (1 image only), and other information for your add-on item.


Next, input the quantity, SKU, the cost of the add-on item (optional), and weight (optional). Click Add to save the settings.



B. Select an existing product as an add-on item

An alternative to adding a new add-on item is selecting one from existing products. Check the box for "Select existing product to sell as add on item (the inventory will be shared with selected product)."


In the pop-up window, choose the products from the Admin as add-on items with shared inventory, and then click on OK.


*Note: "Products with variations" do not support this feature.

Upon clicking OK, the quantity of the product chosen will be shown in the "Add-on Item Info" tab. If you need to adjust the inventory quantity, please return to the Admin > [Inventory Management] > [Inventory] to make adjustments to that product's inventory quantity.


Step 4

Product Level Settings

In the Product Level Settings tab, you can set the "valid/invalid time" of the item (optional). You can assign the add-on Item to one (or more) main product(s). Each main product can have at most 5 add-on items.



You can search for main products by various methods: 

  • Search by product keywords or SKU in the search row



  • Search by product tags



  • Click on Search by Categories > Click the addon_arrow.png icon to search from the drop-down menu.



Choose your own search method and click addon_search.png . A pop-up window will show the search result. Check the box of products to attach to, then click Confirm to finish.



Step 5

If you want to assign the add-on item to more than one main product, there will be 2 scenarios when you are setting the price:

  • Same add-on price for all assigned main products

Check the box "Same add-on price for all assigned main products"  to set a price.



  • Not the same add-on price for all assigned main products

You cannot enter any numbers if you do not check the box. Enter the add-on price one by one for each main product. Click Update to save the changes.



3. Add-on items management

Browse add-on items

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products and Categories] > [Products]. Click the Edit button next to the product and select the "Add-on items" tab. You can check the assigned add-on items of that main product on this page. It would include the unpublished, expired, no inventory add-on items in the list also.



Edit add-on items

Click the add-on items' name or image to redirect to the add-on items edit page and update the information.



Directly go to [Products and Categories] > [Add-ons] and click Edit to edit, delete, and publish add-on items on this page.



Update add-on items inventory in bulk 

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Inventory Management] > [Inventory] and select the Add-on Item tab to update stock.
Click here for the complete inventory management guide.



Change the order of the add-on items

Go to [Products & Categories] > [Products] > [Edit] > [Add-on items] and drag the “cross” icon on the left to modify the order of the add-on items.



4. Presentation of reports

Product Inventory Report, Product Sales Volume Report

  • Add-on items will be displayed under the column of "Product Name".
  • The main product attached to the add-on item will be displayed in the column of "Variation".



Order Report (New)

  • When an order contains an add-on item, it appears "Add-on Item" under the column of "Product Type". The type of the add-on item is displayed under "Add-on Item Type", e.g.: Product Level Add-on Item or Cart Add-on Item.



5. Presentation on the storefront

When a customer is purchasing a main product, he/she can choose the add-on item(s) which displays) on the page. The customer cannot buy the add-on item if he/she does not buy the main product.


Desktop version



Mobile version 



One main product can be paired with 5 add-on items at most. It means when you visit the product page, it shows up with 5 add-on items. The priority sorting does not follow the sequence of add-on product's uploaded/created time and date, it currently depends on the time of pairing with a main product. If you want to adjust the priority order, please refer to Change the order of the add-on items above.







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