Create Add-on Items


1.SHOPLINE_nPOS_Promotion.pngAdd-on items amount that you can create on the shop in:

  • e-Commerce / Social Commerce / Advanced Plan: 10 items
  • Promotions module / Premium Plan: Unlimited

This article covers:


1. Functions of add-on items

  • Creating a discount combo of product and add-on item

Add-on Items is one of the effective ways to boost up your sales. You can assign at most 5 add-on items to one main product. 

  • Set customer purchase restrictions

You can decide to set up limitations for add-on items. Unlimited add-on items setting is suitable for items with a low price and a larger inventory.

    • Limitation ON: Customers can buy add-on items together with the main product but the number of add-on items cannot be more than the quantity of the main product.
      (Note: only applicable on product-level add-on items. Add-on items to the shopping cart are not restricted)
    • Limitation OFF: Customer needs to purchase a least one main product for purchasing an unlimited amount of add-on items (with the upper limit from the inventory)
  • Excluded from any store discount

As an add-on item is already a discounted item, it cannot be further discounted.


2. Create add-on items

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products and Categories] > [Add-ons].

You can set the quality limit for add-on items shown on the top left corner of the page. 

You can also switch the toggle for the add-on item quantity limitation here.



Step 2

Click Add to add an add-on item.



Step 3

Similar to creating a normal product, input item name and image (1 image only), and other information for your add-on item


You can also input the quantity, SKU, cost of the item (optional), and weight (optional).



Step 4

On the Product Level Settings tab, you can set the "valid/invalid time" of the item (optional). You can assign the add-on Item to one (or more) main product(s) and each main product can have at most 5 add-on items.



You can search main products by various methods: 

  • Search by product keywords or SKU in search row



  • Search by product tags



  • Click "Search by Categories" > Click the addon_arrow.pngsign to search from drop down menu.



Choose your own search method and click addon_search.png . A pop-up window will shows the search result. Check the box of products to attach to, then click Confirm to finish.



Step 5

If you want to assign the add-on item to more than one main product, there will be 2 scenarios when you are setting the price:

  • Same add-on price for all assigned main products

Check the box "Same add-on price for all assigned main products"  to set a price.



  • Not the same add-on price for all assigned main products

You cannot insert any numbers if you do not check the box. You have to insert the add-on price one by one for each main product.



3. Add-on items management

Browse add-on items

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products and Categories] > [Products]. Click the Edit button next to the product and select the Add-on items tab. You can check the assigned add-on items of that main product on this page. It would include the unpublished, expired, no inventory add-on items in the list also.



Edit add-on items

Click the add-on items' name or image to redirect to the add-on items edit page and update the info.



you can directly go [Products and Categories] > [Add-ons] and click Edit to edit, delete, publish add-on items on this page.



Update add-on items inventory in bulk 

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Inventory Management] > [Inventory] and select the Add-on Item tab to update stock.
Click here for the complete inventory management guide.



Prioritize Add-on items

Drag the cross icon to modify the chronological order of the add-on items. 



4. Presentation on reports

Product Inventory Report, Product Sales Volume Report

  • Add-on items will be displayed under the column of "Product Name".
  • Main product attached to the add-on item will be displayed in the column of "Variation".


Order Report (New)

  • When an order contains an add-on item, it appears "Add-on Item" under the column of "Product Type". The type of the add-on item is displayed under "Add-on Item Type", e.g.: Product Level Add-on Item or Cart Add-on Item.


5. Presentation on storefront

When a customer is purchasing a main product, he/she can choose the add-on item(s) which displays) on the page. The customer cannot buy the add-on item if he/she does not buy the main product.


Desktop version


Mobile Version 


*Please note:
One main product can be paired with 5 add-on items at most. It means when you visit the product page, it shows up with 5 add-on items. The priority sorting does not follow the sequence of add-on product's uploaded/created time and date, it currently depends on time of pairing with a main product. But you can manually modify the priority order of the add-on products if you wish.

For example: 

  1. Created the add-on items A > B > C.
  2. Main product 1 paired with C first, then paired with A, then B.
  3. On the storefront page of product 1, it displays the ordering C > A > B from above to below.






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