Step 7: Create an Order!


Congratulations! You have completed the five basic steps of building an online store. Before launching your store, there is one more step - test ordering. You can place an order in your online store from the perspective of the customer and go through the complete shopping process. Make sure that products, shipping, and payment settings are set correctly.

In case the customer encounters a problem in the future, you will be more familiarized with the processes, and respond instantly to your customers needs. 


During the process, pay special attention to the 4 steps below:

  1. Application of Delivery and Payment options - If there is an exclusion of shipping/payment method, has the exclusion been applied?
  2. Application of Promotions & Rewards - Is the deduction correct for various promotion campaigns?
  3. Application of Delivery Fee - Is the change in shipping fee correct when purchasing a single or multiple products?
  4. Is the order amount correct?


Steps to place a test order 

Step 1. Shop like a customer 

Try to enter the shopfront from a customer's perspective so that you can check the layout and different function settings. For example: 

  1. Price range: If merchants have enabled "Display Price Range in Storefront Product List Page". Product variants with multiple prices will display by price range for clarification. 
  2. Member Price tag: This tag will appear if you have set a member price (optional) for the product.
  3. Sale Price: Products on sale will be shown in this way. 



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Step 2. Add items to shopping cart 

On the product information page, applicable special offer(s) (in the red bracket below) will be shown beside the name, quantity, and description of the product.



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Step 3. Checkout and confirm the application of discounts

Suppose you wish to confirm whether the campaign "Free shipping on order over $1000" is running,you can try adding up the quality of a product to meet the free shipping requirement. 

In the "Applied Promotions" field on the shopping cart page, it shows the name(s) of the discount offer applied. In this scenario, since this order meets the free shipping requirement, the delivery fee of this order appears "0". 



Step 4. Select delivery & payment method

In this step, the customer has to select the shipping destination.

The system will display the delivery and payment method available to the destination region and all products in the order. Click on the drop-down menu to select options. 

In case due to the volume of material, the product(s) in the shopping cart do(es) not suit the delivery/payment method, please refer to Delivery & Payment Options tied to Specific Product to solve the situation. 




Note: Items in the current shopping cart must be in the mutual applicable delivery and payment options. If not, a reminder text will appear to guide customers to checkout separately.

For example, the shopping cart may contain products to be delivered at room temperature and those to be delivered frozen; or products that are only available for credit card payment and those available for 7-11 pickup COD. In both cases, checkout is not possible. 

In addition, store promotion campaigns may also exclude certain inapplicable delivery and payment methods. Please refer here for details. After the customer selects the delivery and payment option, the applied discount/promotion may also be affected.


Step 5. Enter coupon code or affiliate code

If your promotion campaign requires a coupon code, or you are running an affiliation scheme, customers can fill in the Coupon code and Affiliate Code in the Order Summary. Once entered, the specified discount will be applied to the order, and the offer will also be displayed in the "Applied Promotions". 



Step 6. Enter customer information & delivery details, and done!

Customers have to fill in their customer info and delivery details displayed on the page.




Before placing the order, customers are required to check "I agree to the shop's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy".  Therefore, please go to the Admin Panel > Online Store Design > Pages > Terms and Conditions to confirm if you have entered the necessary terms to protect your company's rights and interests. 



So far, you have successfully completed the test order and gone through the shopping process! 

You can test different delivery and payment combinations to confirm the correct settings. Make sure you have also gone through the procedures of Return and Refund. 



  1. Please remember to change the order status of the test order to "Cancelled" and payment status to "Paid" so that the system can restore the inventory.
  2. If there is an actual package created, the logistics company will charge you the shipping fee on that. 
  3. Credit card refunds can be operated in the payment admin panel. Please contact our consultants if you are not sure about the process. 


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