Custom Domain Setting - Set Up Own Domain


*This feature is supported in the yearly plan only

A custom domain is very important to an online store. If you have already owned a custom domain and want to connect to the online shop you built in SHOPLINE, you can follow the guideline below by adding DNS records to your domain hosting platform. After that, you can return to the SHOPLINE Admin panel and set up the domain connection.


In this article, you'll find:


1. Login domain hosting platform and add specific DNS records

Please login to your domain hosting platform and manage the DNS field by adding the below 2 records: 

  • CNAME Record

主機 / Host: www

紀錄類別 / Record Type: CNAME

指向 / Point to / Destination:


  • URL Redirect

主機 / Host: blank or @

紀錄類別 / Record Type: URL Redirect

指向 / Point to / Destination: www.yourdomain

Note: Please DON'T use the free domain to replace


2. Connect a custom domain to your shop 

  • Make sure both two records take effect in Step 1

When the two records are created in Step 1, it will take 6-24 hours to effect. Once it is in effect, your custom domain will redirect to SHOPLINE English main page.

  • Back to the Admin and connect the domain to your store

Once the domain can redirect to SHOPLINE main page, please go to [Settings] > [Domain Settings] in the Admin, and select Your Own Domain under the "Custom Shop Domain."



Please enter the URL you want to connect to (e.g., "") in the red box.

To connect this URL to the SHOPLINE store, please enter "" in the box highlighted below, and click the Update button on the right.


  • Please do not enter slashes (/) after the URL. For example, please remove the slash for 
  • If there is a dash (-) in your domain, since it cannot be set directly in the Admin, please get in touch with your Online Merchant Success Team for assistance.
    For example, if your domain is, as there is a dash in between, a prompt will show that the domain cannot be updated in the Admin.



After clicking the Update button, a window will pop up to double confirm the domain. As this domain will be used in SHOPLINE, please ensure it is correct and click the Enter button to connect. You can see your domain in the "Result" field.

*Note: Please refresh your page, click "View My Shop" at the top right corner, and check whether your domain is connected.

3. Change connected custom domain

If you have already connected a custom domain and need to change to another domain for reasons like rebranding or different company strategies. We suggest you evaluate carefully as this action will affect some third-party services—for example, the SEO ranking results, the integrated payment methods, the tracking tools, etc. You have to update the new domain setting to make them work. Please read the instruction and consider carefully for the change. 


If you have read the above instruction after internal evaluation and decided to change to another domain, please follow Step 1 and add 2 DNS records to your domain hosting platform. Once it is in effect, you can go to [Settings] > [Domain Settings] in the Admin, edit the domain field with a new domain, and save it.



4. How to disconnect the custom domain

Please contact us to help you disconnect your custom domain by admin pop-up. Before disconnecting the custom domain, please read Notes for Change Domain to avoid affecting your business operation or SEO content.


5. Important Notes

  • Currently, we only support "subdomain" connections (e.g.,, which is not supported for the root domain (e.g., connection.
  • If the DNS records are incorrect, the domain connection cannot be done and show "The CNAME of domain DNS setting is incorrect. Please refer to FAQ to confirm the setting and try again" please redo Step 1 or contact us for assistance.
  • When you change the custom domain, please read Notes for Change Domain to avoid affecting your business operation or SEO content.
  • If there are any changes in the domain, please refresh your page and click "View My Shop" at the top right corner, and check whether your domain is connected.


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