Step 3: Setting Up Delivery Options

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Before continuing to explore the powerful features of the SHOPLINE online store platform, we have to first complete the basic store settings.

First, we need to configure the delivery method of the product, which will be displayed as an option on the shopping cart page. You can set different logistics categories, delivery fees, and names of delivery options. 


1. Steps to set up delivery options

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Delivery Options].



Step 2

Click Add to set up the first delivery option.



Step 3. Select logistics option

Select the delivery method(s) which is/are available in two types: "integrated" and "non-integrated".

  1. Integrated 
    It is required to obtain approval from the logistics party and the activation by the SHOPLINE team. Example: 7-11 pickup COD / 7-11 pickup only / 退貨便 (Taiwan) / Tcat (Taiwan) /
    SF Express Auto-Delivery Feature (Hong Kong) / Zeek2Door (Hong Kong)
    * Exclusive for E-commerce and Social Commerce annual plan users
    * Please contact your online consultant to integrate logistics services

  2. Non-integrated

    You can set it up in the Admin Panel. Example: Shop pickup, 7-11/FamilyMart pickup only (Taiwan), custom delivery option offered by the merchant.
    * Two non-integrated options: Alfred smart lockers and Kerry Express are available for HKD store. Please ask your online consultant for details.

Logistics services are available depending on the market region. To know more about the delivery options, please check Logistics introduction.



Step 4

You can adjust the delivery fee type for non-integrated options. The SHOPLINE team will help you set up if you select the integrated options. To know more about the setting, please refer to Delivery by Weight.



Step 5

Click Select Shipping Countries / Regions to set the shipping region for the option.



To separate the delivery fee for shipping to different zones, click Add Shopping Zone to add shipping countries/ regions. For more details, please refer to Delivery Fee Settings. Don't forget to click Add to save the changes.



[Coming Soon] Delivery option applies to all promotion campaigns 

After clicking Add, a window will pop up to ask if the option is going to apply to all promotions. 


Select the option for whether to apply the delivery option to all valid promotion campaigns. You can go to the Promotions & Campaigns page for editing in the future.

Note: The scope of automatic application includes the following promotion before or during the promotion period: 

  • Promotions

  • Free Shipping 

  • Bundle Price

A prompt reminder will appear at the top right of the page, click the link to view the progress of applying the delivery option to promotions.


After the setup, the delivery option will apply to all promotion campaigns.



2. Supported languages

SHOPLINE online store platform supports editing store content in different languages. To set up, you can also go to the Admin > [Settings] > [Basic Settings] > Supported Shop Languages

Back to the Delivery Options page, you can type in the content and description in different languages. In the example below, the store can be viewed in 5 languages.



Customers can switch the shop language at the storefront. 


Reminder: Remember to check the language tab before you edit the name and description.


3. Sorting

To adjust the order of delivery options, click and drag the cross icon on the left next to the name. The order of the delivery options will synchronize with the checkout page.



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