Delivery Fee Settings

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To allow merchants to set up their stores' delivery fees with greater flexibility, you can either set up fixed delivery fees or determine delivery fees by weight, at your own discretion.

This article covers: 


1. How to set up a fixed delivery fee

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Delivery Options]. Select Post, Custom, or Pickup for the delivery type; select Flat Price for the delivery fee type.



Step 2

Click Add Shipping Countries under Shipping Zone. Pick the countries applicable and click the Right Arrowhead to add the countries. Click OK to continue.



Step 3

Input the fixed delivery fee you wish to charge your customers.



2. How to set up delivery fee by weight

Merchants can set up delivery fees based on the total weight of items in a single order.


Step 1

For main products:

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products & Categories] > [My Products]. Go to the Settings tab in Product page > Input the weight of the item EN_2_step1_1_.png

Add-on Items

"Products & Categories" > "Add-on Items" > Input the weight of the item


Remarks: Shipping fee will be calculated based on total weight of all the items in the order


Step 2

"Settings" > "Delivery Options" > Choose "Post", "Custom", or "Pickup" > Choose "Order Weight" for Delivery fee type 


Step 3

Input the delivery fee by weight criteria

you can set up two digit after decimal point, eg. 1.01

For the example below, customers will be charged $10 for orders with total weight below 5kg and $20 for orders above 5kg:



Step 4

Click "Add Shipping Countries/Regions" under "Shipping Zone" > Pick the Countries/Regions applicable > Click the "Right Arrowhead" to add the Countries/Regions > Press "OK"



3. Other related settings

  • You can use the filter function to find the delivery option by Countries/Regions quickly.
  •  You can use the "+" and "x" to quickly edit the range of order weights and their corresponding rates


  • You can click on "Duplicate" to quickly add another set for a different Countries/Regions


Remarks: Shipping Country/Region will not be carried over


  • Clicking on Add Shipping Zone allows you to add another shipping zone with blank weight and rates settings. This is handy when you have different rates for different regions! 


Don't forget to save your new settings by clicking on Add or Update below.






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