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  • Advanced plan (Not available for new merchants) supports at most 5 administrator accounts.
  • Premium/ O2O plan (Not available for new merchants) supports at most 10 administrator accounts. 
  • Enterprise (Not available for new merchants), Advance Store Management Tools module support unlimited administrator accounts.


Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Permission & Security].



Step 2

Under the "Staff Members" list, click Add to create a staff record. 


Enter the email of the person you want to add as staff.admin_eng_2.png


*Note: For staff with an existing SHOPLINE account, they just have to click the top left shop icon to switch accounts in their admin panel. Staff without a SHOPLINE account needs to set up a password before starting to manage the online store.


Step 3

Merchants can edit the access rights of the staff by clicking the Edit button.



*Note: You have to individually set up access rights to SHOPLINE Admin, Message Center, SHOPLINE Live, Smart Ads, Smart OMO, POS, and Shoplytics. Even if the staff is granted Full Admin Access Rights, he/she will not be available to other features.


Step 4

Edit access rights to Admin Access Rights, Message Center, Smart OMO, POS, Shoplytics, Social Commerce, Smart Ads, SHOPLINE Payments, and Form Builder.







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