Edit or Remove an Administrator’s Access Permission

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After adding administrators to your store, you may need to edit their access permission based on their job duties. 

In case of personnel changes, to protect store information, you can also use this guide to remove the administrator's access permission. 


1. Edit an administrator's access permission

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Permission & Security].



Step 2

Click Edit next to the staff member you are going to edit the access permission. 



Step 3

Check the box to grant the access permission for a certain feature. Check off the box to remove the access permission. Click Update to complete the setting. 



2. Remove an administrator

Step 1

Go to [Settings] > [Permission & Security]



Step 2

Click Delete next to the staff member you are going to remove.



Step 3

In the pop-up window, check the box "I understand deleted items cannot be restored" to confirm the action. Click OK to remove the administrator. 







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