Two-Factor Authentication Settings of Admin Panel or Staff Members

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Two-factor authentication helps to enforce information security in your admin. Once it's enabled, the system will send a verification code to the account owner via email during the login process. The account owner must put the correct email address, password along with the correct verification code within a limited time.


Merchants can set up this feature for account owners and the Admin separately:


1. To enable two-factor authentications for Admin Panel (can be activated only by shop owner’s email)

This feature can be activated only by the shop owner’s email. Once it is enabled, all store members are required to complete two-factor authentication when logging in to the Admin panel every time. 


Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Permission & Security]. Click on the tab “Security Setting”.



Step 2

Switch on the toggle for "Enable two-factor authentication for login”, then click Update.



Step 3

After enabling the setting, the login process of all other staff members can be referenced to Step 3 in Part 2 below.



2. To enable two-factor authentications for account owners

When the store owner does not enable the two-factor verification setting, each administrator can decide whether to enable the two-factor verification for their account. If is not enabled, the login process would be the same as usual. If the setting is enabled, staff members have to go through the authentication process when logging in for the sake of better information security. 


Step 1

Expand the menu in the upper right corner of your Admin panel and click My Profile.



Step 2

Check the box for Enable OTP (You will get the OTP at this email address whenever you want to log in Admin) and click Save. You will be redirected back to the login page. Please login again with the correct email and password.



Step 3

After submitting the correct login info, you will proceed to two-factor authentication. Please move to your email inbox for a set of 6-digit verification code, key it in the field as below, and click SUBMIT to login.Screenshot_2020-05-22_at_11.47.36_AM.png


The verification code email would be shown as below:



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