Step 4: Adding Your First Product


You can enjoy unlimited product upload quantity if you have purchased Advance Shop Management Module. You can upload up to 1000 pieces of products if you have not. 


When finishing setting up delivery and payment options, you can start adding your first product! But before that, let’s see how a product is displayed to the customers.

The product display page consists of the main product image, product name, summary, quantity, price and variation, and description. Now let’s learn how to add products and to edit different components:



Go to Admin Panel > Products and Categories > Products. Then click "Edit" next to the product you wish to edit. You will see different fields shown below:



1. Product Photos (Main)

You can upload the main product photo in JPG format. You could also add an image alt tag to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and better accessibility for visually impaired customers.


2. Product Name 

Enter the product names in the shop default languages.


3. Product Summary

The summer will display under the product name on the storefront page. It is recommended to write the key feature of the product to enhance quick understanding. 


4. Price

You can set the regular/sale/member price of the product. 


5. Variations

You can add the product variations (e.g. color, size) in multiple languages and price variations. 


6. Product Description

You can edit the description/additional product photo(s) of the product to provide customers with more detailed product-related information. 


Remember to click "Update" to save the settings. Please also refer to Upload products to upload a batch of products.


Next, let's move on to set up the domain and shop design in Step 5!

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